Squirrel Poop: How to Identify & Remove It Safely

It’s very likely that there are a lot of squirrel turds in your attic if you have noticed squirrels in there recently.

There are many diseases squirrels can spread through their poop and urine, and many of them are transmitted by their droppings.

This is the reason homeowners need to know how can they get rid of these problem-causing feces in a proper safe way.

Make sure when you are starting the process of removing these squirrel poops you have your goggles for eye protection, a face mask for skin protection & any respiratory issues, and gloves for hands protection along with you.

You can get different health problems if you come in contact with spores and bacteria.

You must take your approach seriously because that’s a real biological hazard. In order to deal with this issue properly, you should start by reading my guide.

So without any further time wasting let’s get started, 

Squirrel Feces: Easy Extermination Guide:

Squirrel Feces

So we have tried our very best to cover all the important points that will help you in squirrel feces extermination.

Stay with us till the end of the article to know how you can easily identify the squirrel infestations and squirrel droppings.

Make sure you are not neglecting any safety precautions. 

What Does Squirrel Poop Look Like?

Squirrel Poop

When you are deciding what control method to use, you have to be able to distinguish squirrel feces from those of other rodents.

The main difference is the color difference the squirrel poop is not like the other rodent’s poop that is light brown, reddish, or rusty rat scat, its color is dark brown and black most of the time.

But the problem is squirrel poops’ color gets lighter after a few times.

As a result of their different diets, these rodents produce fecal pellets in different shapes. Squirrel pellets are usually thicker and have rounded ends as opposed to rat scat.

The diameter of squirrel pellets is about 1/8 inch and the size is usually approximately 3/8 inch.

There is a thickening point in the center and they are a bit longer.

The article includes images of squirrel poop that you can download or use to simplify identification. The number of feces left by squirrels may also indicate that they are squirrel feces.

There are fewer feces around a single location when other rodents are involved.

Squirrel Poop Diseases:

Just like other rodent poops squirrel poops also spread lots of diseases.

Squirrel poops spread and transmit lots of very harmful diseases. Leptospirosis is the most harmful and dangerous disease spread because of squirrel poop.

It lives for 180 days in an area that is contaminated and can be spread both by feces and urine.

Generally, the effects of intoxication are mild, but if you are at risk, you can also suffer fatal respiratory problems.

Apart from Leptospirosis, Salmonella is another very dangerous disease that is caused because of squirrel poop.

This disease is not death-causing in most cases but heavy diarrhea and vomiting occur in it due to which person gets lots of weakness. Furthermore, squirrels carry ticks and fleas that infest contaminated areas.

You should dispose of the clothes you wore or take them to the dry cleaner as soon as possible since they can easily get onto your clothes and infest your home.

How To Clean Squirrel Poop?

When you observe an area that is contaminated with squirrels poop you need to clean it properly for sure.

You might dont know that squirrels leave feces in larger quantities that why you need high power and good storage vacuum for cleaning purposes.

A vacuum with disposable bags as storage works perfectly in this situation.

Use a chisel knife to cut off scat that forms on the floor. When you are done with removing the feces from the ground now it’s time to dispose of them.

You need to dispose of them as quickly as you can in order to avoid contamination of other areas of your property.

Now Here Rise a Question.

What we are going to do if there are any leftover feces and urine spots? Rodents and squirrels will continue to be attracted to the place by the smell of the pheromones.

Using a disinfectant spray all over the place is the best way to make the area safe again.

Once you are done cleaning the feces, leftovers, and even the spots now it’s time to seal all the places that can be used by the squirrels for entrance.

If you neglect this point then I m 100% sure that rodents will invade your personal property again when they find it attractive. 

How to Identify an Infestation?

Squirrel Poop

Infestations of squirrels aren’t hard to detect since these animals aren’t very stealthy.

There may be strange sounds from the attic, wall cavities, or chimney if there is an infestation. You may hear scrabbling in the attic or jumping in the attic.

Scattered squirrel droppings are the next sign. The process of identifying it is already familiar to you, so there is no issue.

Other Signs Include:

Damaged entry points: The entry points used by these squirrels will be completely damaged as squirrels can chew through every material even if its metal in order to go inside of the property.

Interior damage: squirrels that get into attics tear up insulation, shred ductwork, and, more dangerously, chew wiring.

Squirrel footprints: It is very simple and easy to observe the footprints of these squirrels on soil, first, and ice. So if you find small footprints tracks across your home it’s an alarming situation for you, you need to do an inspection. 

Strange smell: There are times when squirrels die because of many reasons the most common is they get stuck due to which they die. Their dead bodies cause lots of awful and weird smells that can’t be removed if you dont notice it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Do Squirrels Poop?

Squirrels poop in extremely weird places like in the attics, wall cavities, near their feeding areas, and even inside their nests.

Most of the time they use the same places again & again and consider it as a washroom. We can easily remove the feces that way.

Do I Need to Worry About Squirrel Poop Where My Children Play?

Yes, you need to worry about squirrel poop where your children play because squirrel poop spread lots of diseases.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to remove all the squirrel poops and keep the area clean and sanitized so that your children cant get harmed.

How Long Is Squirrel Feces Dangerous?

It’s not safer to inhale squirrel droppings even for only the first few hours when they’re wet, and once they’re dry, they’re much more hazardous for inhalation. Consequently, the feces are hazardous all the time.

Even though Salmonella can be transmitted for up to 7 days, there is no way to tell how old the pallet is, so precaution is still necessary.

Wrapping it All Up!!

Squirrel poops are very dangerous and harmful for both adults and children that’s why you need to pay great attention to them.

I hope our guide is enough for you to know how to remove these squirrel poops safely.

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