How to Keep Hawks Away from Chickens

Many predators feed on poultry, so protecting your flock from them can be a challenge. 

A hawk’s ability to fly high in the sky, unlike walking on land, makes things even worse.

In North America, hawks are one of the very common birds predators. 

These hawks have very sharp eyesight this is the reason they are intensely dangerous to your poultry.

You have to keep your poultry chicken very safe and well-protected because if hawks eat your chicken on time then they will get addicted and they will come for another munching session for sure. 

This is the reason we have come up with a few ideas and tips and we will tell you how to keep hawks away from chickens.

So without wasting any further time let’s get started, 

What is a Hawk?

The term raptor serves as an umbrella term for birds of prey, which include raptors as well.

Depending upon seeds, worms, larvae, berries, or other small animals is not the quality of hawks. 

They survive by eating vertebrates. Hawks are the most common birds of prey. 

They love to hunt live prey this is the reason they are a very serious problem for poultry farmers. 

In addition to chickens, hawks pose a risk to poultry. Birds are just the fast food to these Hawks. 

Flying about looking for easy prey is something they do a lot. 

This is the reason they attack very quickly when they see the chickens or other poultry animals. 

How Can I Keep A Hawk Away?

Hawk Away

Keeping hawks away from chickens and other poultry is the same no matter what species you’re dealing with. 

As hawks are beneficial for many other purposes this is the reason that killing them is illegal in many states. 

Because some varieties of hawks are protected, it is illegal to harm or kill one. 

The tips that are written below are totally safe and are also suitable according to the laws. 

Let’s have a look at them without any more time-wasting.

Get a Rooster:

In simpler words getting a rooster means getting a male chicken to your flock. It is one of the effective ways to protect your chicken from getting hunted by these hawks. 

Female hens and chickens are very docile and obedient whereas male chickens are more aggressive and violent. 

They behave extremely violently especially when defending and protecting their dependents. 

The answer is yes if you are wondering whether it would work for free-range chickens. 

In order to alert the birds to seek safety, roosters make a high-pitched noise. Most of the chickens roaming around will hurry back to the coop.

Use a Guard Dog:

Using a guard dog is one of the best ways to protect your poultry from hawks. 

But make sure you are using a brave and well-trained dog that can react even worse than the hawks themselves. 

Dogs are considered one of the best livestock guardians. They will behave extremely violently while protecting the flocks. 

They will bark and roar violently due to which hawks get scared and they will not try to come towards your poultry animals. 

Birds of prey cannot easily deter them, either, since they are stronger than roosters. If hawks know a dog is nearby, they will probably avoid that particular area. 

Use a Scarecrow or Reflective Material:

To deter hawks from attacking your chickens, you can use several visual deterrents. 

A scarecrow is one of the affordable yet very practical deterrents. 

It is even possible to move the object as many times as you want since hawks are very smart and they get used to stationary objects that are designed to scare them.

In addition, you can hang reflective tape around your home. The rustling sound isn’t just what scares hawks, but also the reflected light.

Use Poultry Netting:

Using poultry netting is also one of the very effective ways to keep the hawks away from your poultry areas. 

For the effective safety and security of your chickens and poultry, you need a high-quality net or fence because the cheap quality fence is not going to provide you with effective results. 

As a result, the livestock is prevented from wandering across the yard unattended. 

If you want safe results try to use a mesh that is made of hardware as it is one of the best options. 

If you want guaranteed security for your poultry animals you need to try chain link fencing. 

Hang Some Flashy Tape:

This option is for you if you are looking for the easiest yet very cost-effective solution for keeping your chickens protected from these dangerous Hawks. 

The combination of bright flashes and unexpectedly loud, crackling sounds is effective when scaring hawks. 

Angered by the light and sound, hawks fly, leaving your chickens peacefully in their coops because they don’t know what scared them.

Cover Up Feeders:

Chickens are particularly vulnerable to hawks when they’re eating, so many of them target feeders. 

A chicken’s guard is down when it eats and drinks, so they lower their heads. They tend to group together when they eat and drink. 

Various targets are impeded from escaping since they become enmeshed in the crowd.

Hawks wait for the perfect moment to strike at a feeder and hang around.

As long as your chicken run has a secure cover, they are safe. 

In addition to providing cover from hawks when their food is not available, covered feeding structures also provide a hiding place for chickens. 

It’s one of the best options to feed your chickens in a sanitary area if you have one as they are a very secure and well-protected area. 

If your chicken coop has a sanitary area, you can also place the chickens inside this structure.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

So I hope that this article turned out to be very beneficial for you as we have discussed lots of tips and strategies related to keeping the hawks away from your chickens. 

Safeguarding your livestock with these methods is the best way. 

Let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite strategy.

Also, share with us if you have any other strategy that works effectively in keeping these dangerous hawks away from your poultry. 

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