How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Detailed Identification & Removal Guide

Are you looking for a guide or article that will tell you how to get rid of water bugs very effectively?

If yes then this is the perfect stopping point for you because in this article we are going to discuss everything in detail on how you can kill these waterbugs and keep your house completely bug free. 

When waterbugs invade our homes, they can cause panic and fear. They are often mistaken for cockroaches. 

Waterbugs belong to the family of Belostomatidae, which means they are a pest. These insects thrive in humid climates and southern regions.

If you observe any single waterbug in your house you have to take serious action as soon as possible. 

Written below are tried and tested ways that will help you in getting rid of waterbugs very effectively. 

So let’s take a look at them without any further time wasting, 

What Are Water Bugs and What They Look Like:

Water Bugs

First, you need to know what water bugs really are and how do they look like.

Waterbugs are domestic insects. Waterbugs mostly like to breed in areas where there is more humidity.

But keep in mind that we are not about the Belostomatidae family waterbugs as they dont live in houses they only live in freshwater.

The ultimate color of waterbugs is dark brown. If we talk about the size then these insects are comparatively larger in size than other domestic insects.

They have a hard shell that provides protection to their body. The front two long mustaches are used for navigation purposes.

Thanks to the faceted eyeballs, they are visible in the darkness. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough for confined spaces like caves.

The waterbugs do resemble other kinds of insects such as;

  • The Oriental cockroach.
  • The American roach.
  • The smoky brown roach.

They are just like cockroaches. These species got their name waterbug because of one reason which is that they mostly live in water sources.

Water is one of the most attractive features or things for them. You might get shocked that these water bugs can easily survive for months without food but they cannot survive for weeks without water.

If they aren’t getting the required water properly they will die as soon as possible. They also breed in areas that contain dampness, humidity, and moisture.

If you see any single waterbug in your house you have to take safety precautions very urgently.

Because removing and killing a small number of these species is much easier than killing a large number. 

Why Do Waterbugs Appear in our Home and What They Eat:

What is the source of waterbugs? As soon as we see this disgusting insect, we ask ourselves this question.

Waterbugs dont like a dry environment at all. So they will only live and be found in the areas which are humid and damp.

As we all know old wooden and frame houses are very rich in humidity this is the reason waterbugs are founded in these regions mostly.

If you live near any pond, lake, or even forest then the chances of waterbugs in your house are very high.

The leftover food we leave in the trash bin is their food source. Insects and gnats living in your house can also be hunted and eaten by them.

The most typical areas where these waterbugs are mostly present include under the sink, in the shower area, near the garbage can, ner the pipes, and all such places that are linked with water and humidity.

Riser pipe and the area behind the toilet are the home of their whole colonies.

First, identify all wet areas where water accumulates and where there is moisture.

Darkness is also a factor in waterbug breeding. Identifying where they live may require going to hidden areas in “wetter” areas of your home.

How to Get Rid of Waterbugs:

Water Bugs

What is the best way to stop waterbugs? Pests can breed in all areas of our house, so we need to identify them as soon as possible.

Localized treatment will then be possible. Remain calm, throughout the process.

Using the right methods for repelling and destroying water bugs will keep these pests away from your house.

Written below are the easiest yet very effective ways that will help you in getting rid of waterbugs completely.

All these steps are tried and tested and they are based on my own experience so they will work very effectively for you.

So without any further time wasting let’s get started,

Remove All Water Leaks and Get Rid of Moisture:

As we all know that waterbugs can’t survive without water and moisture so if you really want to get rid of these species then you need to get rid of all the damp and humid places in your house.

Under the sink, near hidden pipes, and in risers are the most common places to find waterbugs.

Waterbugs need complete darkness to survive as light is one of their worst enemies.

Make sure you properly check for the leakage or any water dripping problem in the areas under your sink, near the hidden pipes, and near the risers.

If you are not sure about the leakage situation then it’s better to call a plumber and ask for their help.

Identify Key Habitats and Entry Points

It is necessary to determine the habitat of water beetles before using chemical agents locally.

You can often find them in bathrooms, behind closets, and in other places that contain moisture and dampness.

But there are times when finding them with your naked eye turns out to be quite difficult as they dont live or stay in the areas which contain light.

Normally, you will see dead cockroaches and debris in a specific location in your home where the moisture is high.

Sewers and water pipes are possible entry points for these insects. You should inspect all communication lines for debris.

To prevent rotting and stagnation in gutters, use chemicals to clean them. 

Seal the House and Make It Perfectly Clean:

The most important task is to seal the house completely.  In order to prevent water bug infestations in the house, all possible insect habitats must be identified.

Water pipes and sewers are usually the entry and exit points for these species. 

Occasionally, damp soil can cause the floorboards to rot. Water bugs can then gain entry through the gaps formed.

After this, you need to clean your house properly. There are many different options available for cleaning purposes such as you can use waterbugs repellents, chlorine-containing liquids, and detergents as they work very effectively in cleaning.

Destroy the Hated Insects:

In order to destroy these hated insects, you need to use these products.

If you are looking for a natural option for killing them then nothing works better than boric acid, white vinegar, essential oils, and a mixture of baking soda and sugar.

But if you are looking for a synthetic chemical option then you should go for waterbugs-killing sprays, baits, or gels.

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So I hope that you have finally found the answer to, how to get rid of waterbugs easily and effectively.

Follow all the steps exactly if you want visible results. If you have any more queries related to waterbugs then feel free to comment below. 

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