How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants In The House: A Complete Guide

We all know that ants are extremely annoying despite the fact of their type and category.

Yes, ants do bite human beings and their bites are very itchy and do cause redness on the skin.

In general, there are two major types of ants that are Protein ants and Sugar ants.

There are many differences between them but the most meaningful one is their different food consumption.

Just like their names the survival of Protein ants is based upon protein-rich stuff and the survival of sugary ants is based upon sugar-containing food.

Our article is going to focus on sugary ants only as the majority of ants are from this category.

If you are annoyed by these little creatures then this article is the perfect stopping point for you because in this article we will let you know how to get rid of sugar ants, how to kill them, and much more.

In just a few minutes, sugar ants can dramatically change the atmosphere in your kitchen. Is there anything you can do to get rid of these pests?

Yes, the question seems very simple but the answer is not simple at all. It’s not very difficult too if you read our blog properly then this problem can easily resolve.

So without any more discussion let’s get started with our very first topic that is,

What Are Sugar Ants?

Sugar Ants

So sugar ants are one of the most common kinds of ants and they depend only on sugary stuff.

If we talk about their physical appearance then these ants are yellowish or light brown in color.

With three pairs of legs, these creatures are capable of recognizing air currents, ground motions, and aromas.

The male ant is generally smaller than the female ant. A female can reach 4.5 mm in length, while a male can reach 1.5-2 mm in length.

In addition to recognizing each other, signaling danger, and finding food, sugar ants use their antennae to locate anthills.

The ant will be unable to see nor hear any information and may even be unable to find its way home if it loses its antennae.

They love to eat cakes, honey, jelly, and sugar. The first discovery of these ants was made in the 18th century in the Egyptian pyramids. They are also known as pharaoh ants.

Do Sugar Ants Bite?

sugar Ants Bite

Usually, it is believed that sugar ants do not bite human beings mostly. Sugar ants do scare human beings by using the upper part of their mouth.

But these ants will only scare human beings if they try to ruin their nest.

If sugar ants bite you due to any reason then there is no need to worry at all because the bite of sugar ants is not going to cause any pain and it will not sting too.

But if any person is hypoallergenic then there are high chances that he or she will develop an allergic reaction just because of a single bite of a sugary ant.

One more health risk should be mentioned about these insects. It is possible that the sugar ants will spread infection everywhere in your house if your house is contaminated, leading to the contamination of your food.

If you think your food has been contaminated by pests, discard it immediately.

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants – Step By Step Instructions:

Sugar Ants

Whether it’s sugar ants or any other type of ants you need to get rid of them as soon as you observe them near your place because their quantity increases very faster.

We have discussed lots of methods that will help you to get rid of these ants effectively.

Choosing the right one for your specific situation is all that’s left to do.

If you intend to try any of the sugar and killers listed below, make sure you carefully read the instructions before using any of them.

Ant Aerosol Sprays:

For killing the ant aerosol sprays are one of the best options. If your house is targeted by worker ants then these sprays will work very effectively in removing them.

After using the spray the ants will die within 3-4 hours. These sprays are very easy to use, all you need to do is spray a generous amount of product on them and in those areas where their colonies are present.

These sprays are not a very great option for colonies but they are a perfect option for ants and anthills.

Keep in mind that aerosol sprays are extremely toxic as they contain lots of chemicals so you need to leave the room for at least 12 hours or until the house is fully ventilated.

As a preventative measure, aerosol-based sprays are a great choice. The entrance points and trails of ants should be thoroughly sprayed if there are just a few in your house.

Sugar Ant Bait Or Gel Droplets:

This is also one of the best and most effective methods for removing sugar ants.

If you are going to use this method then you need to wait for some time but the effects will be worth waiting for.

Place these baits or gel droplets in those places where ants are present most of the time.

Ants will not only eat this bait but they will carry with them too and feed it to other ants.

To kill the ants effectively, the bait has to be applied for some time. The poison will take effect in about 2 weeks.

Your house will no longer be infested with sugar ants two months after that. If your house is severely infested, you may need several gel droplets.

Insecticide Pencils And Chalks:

So this method is not very effective but still, we have mentioned it because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work.

If you have seen insects in places where you have drawn lines, you can use pencils and chalk to record their location.

The poison is usually carried to the nest by the ants when they step on the substance.

Keep in mind that if you are using this method then you need to repeat it on a daily basis because there are very high chances that ants will become used to so you need to switch things on regular basis.

There are many people who prefer Chinese chalks for this method. But keep in mind that Chinese chalks are not available very easily.

In the United States and most European countries, these chalks are banned because they are extremely toxic and for human beings, these chalks are very dangerous.

It is also recommended that the chalk be covered with a plastic cover. This method has been proven to be effective due to the very toxic active ingredients.

The risk may be worth it, but you must ask yourself if you are ready to take it.

Regular chalk works well for drawing lines on your porch, for instance. The strange powdery thing might intimidate sugar ants.

Glue Traps:

Glue traps are also one of the best ways that can be used for killing the nats effectively.

Not just this method is effective but it is also very eco-friendly. The mechanism of these glue traps is very unique, it attracts the ants and other pests towards itself.

For different pests and insects, the attractive ingredients are different for example the glue traps that are made especially for sugar ants have a very strong smell.

The ants get attracted to the smell and they stuck to the glue trap without even knowing.

With these traps, you can target and destroy hundred of ants using just one trap.

In most cases, glue traps won’t work unless the ant nest is severely infested, so they’re great only for mild infestations.

If you are low on budget then this method is a perfect option for you as these traps are very affordable.

Not just affordable but these glue traps are very safe too. They are perfect for you if you have pets as they dont contain any harmful chemicals.

But it might be possible that your furry baby put their paw on this glue trap and they will stick on it.

In such a situation, there is no need to panic use some vegetable oil, and your problem will be solved very easily.

Electric Traps:

Yes, electric traps are one the wonderful solutions but keep in mind that these traps are very expensive.

But they are worth every penny because they work for long times. These electric traps contain a very unique kind of bait that is present inside the trap and it helps in attracting the ants.

So when the ants or any other insect will crawl inside the device it will be killed quickly.

If you are planning to destroy the anthills then this is not a perfect solution as it is only effective for worker ants.

Before installing them always read the safety precautions and instructions.

One thing that you need to keep in mind forever is never installing these electric traps in damp areas.

How to Prevent the Appearance of Sugar Ants:

Sugar Ants

Once you are familiar with how to get rid of sugar ants effectively now you need to know how to prevent them because if you dont prevent their appearance then you will again develop thousands of ants very quickly in your house.

Preventing them is very easy and simple you need to focus on very few things.

Follow the written-below points exactly as mentioned and your house will be completely ant-free.

There are many reasons for ant infestation some common ones are overflowing trash cans, syrup spills on the floor and countertops, and dirty dishes.

If you keep your indoor areas properly clean then you can prevent this problem. 

Limit Their Access:

The most effective way to keep ants out of your home is to use a mechanical exclusion, a term used by professional exterminators.

As a result, you will save time and money by not having to chase these pests around constantly.

The smallest openings should be worked on first before working your way down.

Whenever you see ants entering and exiting from an entrance, replace any thresholds near that entrance.

Your energy bill will be reduced when you replace your weatherstripping in addition to deterring foraging ants.

If any window glass is broken or sashes are damaged, replace them. Keep window sills caulked to keep ants out of wall voids.

If your house entrance or windows are very close to the tree branches, shrubs, or bushes then you need to get rid of them as soon as possible because they are one of the major reasons for ant infestations.

If you use firewoods then make sure you store them and burn them at least 20 feet away from your house.

Placing the user or even the new firewoods very close to the house will never let you prevent the ant’s infestations. 

Set Up a Defense Against Ants:

Defense Against Ants

Yes, it is true that getting rid of ants 100% is very difficult because these are very small in size so they can enter your spaces even through the smallest openings.

Chemical barriers can be used to fill the tiniest gaps in order to seal the smallest barriers for a long time. 

In some cases, it can provide perimeter defense against ants for up to 90 days.

With residual insecticides containing cyfluthrin, ants cannot cross invisible boundaries. Long-term use is possible with microcaps containing fipronil.

It is necessary to treat the house directly in order to establish a chemical barrier.

The following products can be used to spot-treat your home if it is infested with ants.

To reach cracks and crevices, use food-grade diatomaceous earth. Dry lake beds provide natural diatomaceous earth.

In addition, crushed diatoms strip an ant’s outer layer, which causes dehydration and death.

The use of boric acid in wall voids can help you get rid of ant nests indoors.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

I hope this article is enough for you to know properly how to get rid of sugar ants properly and how you can prevent them easily.

Feel free to comment below if you still have any problems.

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