How to Get Rid of Skunks Under House: Detailed Skunk Control Guide

Skunks are unusual creatures. Toxic substances may be sprayed on you if you feel dangerous around them.

Your home or yard may be sprayed by a skunk, leaving behind an unpleasant smell.

The animal, as well as the smell, can always be removed so there is no need to be afraid. In this article, we are going to discuss each and everything related to skunks.

How to get rid of skunks under house, how you can control them and are they dangerous or not, are all the queries that are going to resolve after this article.

So without wasting any further time let’s get started.

What Are Skunks?


The size of a skunk is almost the same as the size of a kitten. Its body length is approximately 13 – 18 inches. Its tail is very long as it sizes between 7 – 10 inches.

Their weight ranges from 14 lbs to 16 lbs on average. But keep in mind that a male skunk is going to be slightly bigger in size than a female skunk.

With triangular pointed faces, black shiny eyes, furry hair, and tiny round ears they look very cute.

A white not so prominent arrow is present on the back of the muzzle. They have broad white stripes that are present at the sides of their body.

Skunks are available in black and white color only so you can easily recognize them.

The overall body of the skunk is black on which whites stripes or white spots are present.

Skunks have strong physical characteristics. Their claws are sharp and their legs are short.

Despite their poor vision, skunks make up for this lack of sight with their keen senses of smell and hearing. If you want to find out how to repel skunks, you can use these features.

Skunks can live up to 13 years in captivity. The lifespan of a skunk is much shorter than how long it lives in nature 5 to 6 years on average.

How Do Skunks Appear in Your Home and Yard?

Skunks differ from other wild animals because of different reasons such as their small size as most wild animals are bigger in size.

Their unique color and furry hair are also some of the factors that differentiate them from other animals.

Their anal glands release a poisonous substance that helps them in their protection. If they don’t accept skunk warning signs, they may cause problems for domestic animals.

Pets can be sprayed by skunks, which makes the process of removing skunk odor very difficult.

Using either a powerful home remedy or skunk odor remover in such circumstances will be necessary.

It is usually easier to prevent skunks’ disposal than to eliminate them completely. Lights, noise, ammonia, and traps can be used to scare skunks away.

You should examine the territory if you want to figure out how to keep skunks away from your yard:

  • Farm buildings should be checked for holes. A skunk can infiltrate garages, garage doors, balconies, and all basements.
  • You must close any openings between the panels or in the foundation as soon as possible.
  • Otherwise, the female skunk will make the place for herself and she will start to give birth to new offspring, which is not acceptable at all. 
  • Look for the holes and small places properly especially during the wintertime because skunks look for some small and safe places to hide and to stay away from the cold.
  • In the porch area try to create an L-shaped obstacle as it will not allow the skunks to dig under the porch.
  • If you see small holes in your lawn or garden areas then you need to take a deep look at the holes as small holes indicate the skunk infestation.
  • Dont leave the pet food in the feeders or pets bowls especially outside your house as it is a food and nourishment source for a female skunk and her new babies.
  • Make sure that your garbage bin is completely covered. First, place the garbage in a trash bag and then in the trash bin.
  • Make sure that your trash bin has a lid because the trash that is unattractive to you might be very attractive to these skunks.

How to Deal With A Skunk That Is in Your Yard?


If you are facing a skunk problem in your yard then you can easily get rid of this problem just by scaring these little species. Scaring skunks works effectively in getting rid of them.

So if you want to eliminate these species from your yard areas then follow the written below step exactly as written,

  • Never place or leave any attractive food in the areas where skunks can easily reach.
  • As we have talked about before skunks like to live in places that are normally unreachable by human beings.
  • Places that are dark such as some protected areas of your house, under the floor, porch, and some hard places that are made of plywood, stones, or fences.
  • Start your investigation from very close places which are not easily reachable because skunks mostly use these places to give birth to new offspring and to live peacefully.
  • Most of the skunks love eating carrion fruit so if your garden has fruit trees make sure you pick all the fruits that finally ripened in order to prevent carrion appearance.
  • Stubborn skunks like the nutrients contained in mowed grass and other vegetation so they must be removed.
  • Dont forget to put the trash out of your house otherwise the skunks will get attracted to the trash because of the smell.
  • They will get their nutrition from your leftovers garbage so always keep the trash away from them.
  • Skunks love to eat spoiled fruit and vegetable peels or eggshells, so use a compost bin that is closed.
  • Dont use trapping techniques during the breeding season as it will be very dangerous for the baby skunks if the mother skunks will be killed.

How to Get Rid of Skunks Under House?

Written below are a few very successful tips that will help you in getting rid of skunks under your house. 

But keep in mind that everything takes time and the removal of these skunks from your house will also be going to take a little time nothing is going to happen overnight.

  • The first and the very important tip is to remove any of your pet’s food whether it’s dry food or wet food away from the skunk’s reach because skunks are really attracted to pet food.
  • Identify a skunk family’s home. Take a closer look at the animal’s hidden places.
  • Dont try to scare him or bump him otherwise he will spray on you. Only use effective repellent sprays.
  • If you dont want to use a chemical repellent you can make a natural repellent all by yourself at home.
  • All you need to do is make a mixture of cajun seasoning, and cayenne red pepper and you can also add some other hot condiments like red pepper, black pepper, etc.

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Skunks are very good-looking and not so dangerous wild animals. But the only problem with them is they spray a very bad-smelling liquid which is very disgusting.

If you really want to keep them away from your house then you have to follow all the above-mentioned points accurately.

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