How to Get Rid of Porcupines: Detailed Identification & Removal Guide

Everyone who has ever seen a porcupine knows that they may create a broad variety of issues.

Despite their little size, the havoc these creatures can do is enough to break the heart of even the toughest person.

In spite of their brilliant thoughts, porcupines represent a threat to our plant life (especially trees) and to our domestic animals.

The simplest and quickest way to get rid of porcupines is to inspect your yard for any potential food sources and remove them as soon as possible.

Getting rid of porcupines might be a difficult task, but this article can help. 

There is a lot of work to be done before porcupines can be exterminated. If you know what they eat and how they live, you can figure out how to get rid of them.

How To Identify A Porcupine?


Prickly spines on the porcupine’s body make it easily recognized. This odd weapon is used by the animal to defend itself.

This rodent’s needles are difficult to remove because they are coated with minute scales.

More than 30,000 needles adorn the North American porcupine’s body.

In the dark, porcupines are at their most active. This kind of animal does not belong in a pack.

Unlike their European and Asian cousins, North American porcupines may form family groups that comprise both adults and young.

In contrast to the wild porcupine’s ten-year lifetime, a tamed porcupine may live up to twenty years.

What Do They Eat?

Start the process of removing porcupines by learning about their diet. Porcupines are herbivores by nature. Grass, fruits, leaves, bulbs, stalks, and other plant components are all part of their diet. 

Occasionally, they’ll eat the bark off of trees. To keep their teeth clean and get some essential nutrients, they may eat a bone meal, but they cannot eat meat.

The salt is a personal fave. Porcupines may have an easier time-consuming tire on salt-treated roads. In addition to its fondness for trees, this animal is also very fond of wood.

Porcupines may wreak havoc on the bark of trees. Porcupines will eat your flowers and vegetables if you leave them out in the open.

Do Porcupines Have A Home Away From The Wild?

Porcupines have the ability to build nests, but they prefer to remain alone and avoid human contact.

Holes between stones, hollow logs, and rodent or bigger animal burrows are all instances of this. 

Unfinished basements and sheds are good places for them to hide if your house has any openings.

Consequently, you should seek out any private spots that may be available.

How To Get Rid Of Them?

How to Get Rid of Porcupines

1. Live Traps:

Live trapping of porcupines is an efficient and humane means of capturing these animals.

As a bonus, you won’t have to spend so much time searching for a regular product again!

After the porcupine is caught, you’ll hear a slam against the door. This is how the animal learns where the trap is and how to be ready to capture its dinner.

Set up your new system and don’t forget the gloves! The scent of a human should not be present in the trap.

Ensure that the animal has easy access to freshwater if the weather is expected to be very hot.

2. Sprays:

Predators, such as foxes and coyotes, may cause rats to run. Although it should be taken on a regular basis.

Making a spray isn’t necessary in order to use one. If it’s raining, make sure to apply the spray many times.

Make use of the power of hot sauce or capsicum spray to keep away porcupines.

Remember to follow the instructions that came with your program.

3. Repellant that Uses Ultrasonic Waves:

Porcupine repellents that use ultrasonic waves are extremely effective. Animals abhor these gadgets despite the fact that they do not damage bugs.

The fact that it is not reliant on the weather is only one of the many benefits of this approach.

4. Fence:

So you can keep the animal away from you as a consequence. You must ensure that your barrier is impermeable since porcupines can squeeze through even the tiniest of openings.

The wire may be used to fill up any holes. You can keep the porcupine out of your yard by erecting a fence that isn’t too tall.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Porcupines Climb Trees?

Porcupines are well-known for their ability to climb trees.

The reason they’re able to accomplish this is because of their powerful short legs and large claws. The tail aids in stability and item taking up.

Is It Normal for Porcupines to Be Busy All Day?

The porcupine is a kind of nocturnal rodent that lives in the woods at night.

Therefore, animals are most active during the night. In caverns or tree hollows, these critters spend much of their waking hours napping.

How Tall Do Porcupines Seem to Be in General?

When compared to other rodents, porcupines are very huge. For the most part, the tails of wolves are about 8 and 10 inches long.

Do You Know of Any Natural Ways to Keep Porcupines at Bay?

A chili pepper solution is often one of the active elements in an efficient natural insect repellent.

Even a spicy sauce may be used at home. Predator smell sprays may also be effective deterrents.

How Long Do Porcupines Live?

A decade or more in the wild is not out of the question. Captive animals may live twice as long as they would if they were out in the wild, according to a study.

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The Bottom Line!

Since you’ve researched porcupines, you understand why they come to your land and where they come from.

As a result, I’ve also discussed the best ways to handle them and the tools available to you. 

Capturing and transporting the porcupine as instructed by the service provider is the most considerate option.

Both homemade and commercially available ultrasonic repellents may be used to keep porcupines away.

Porcupines aren’t as easy to kill as you may think. Commenters are encouraged to share their own experiences with porcupines.

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