How to Get Rid of Ghost Ants

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the ghost ants in detail. What ghost ants really are and how to get rid of ghost ants properly.

Black-headed ants and Florida ghost ants are also called ghost ants. Florida has a temperate climate, making them a significant ant.

They are also prevalent in tropical and subtropical climates. Their bodies are light and their heads are dark.

On sinks, floors, and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, they are visible. Wall voids and between cabinets are common locations for them.

Whenever they are crushed, they emit a coconut-like smell.

This is just very basic information related to ghost ants let’s take a look at in detail information and tips about how to get rid of them effectively.

So let’s get started, 

Identify and Inspect Ghost Ants:

Ghost Ants

Those white ghost ants appear suddenly, disappear within seconds, and look like tiny apparitions. Indoors and outdoors, they are common.

You can find them where there is moisture such as in our kitchens and washrooms, these are their favorite places.

The average length of worker ghost ants is approximately 1/16 inch or /1.5 mm.

The pedicle, gaster, legs, and antennae are translucent as they are pale in color whereas the thorax and head are slightly darker colored.

Due to their darker heads, ghost ants are also known as Black-headed ants in some regions.

There are many people who get confused between Pharoah ants and ghost ants as they are very similar but the main difference between these two is Pharoah ant is completely translucent whereas the ghost ants are half translucent and their heads are darker colored.

In general, Ghost Ants look like odorous house ants, however, the Odorous House Ants are brown or black in color.

If a Ghost ant or Odorous ant is crushed, they both are going to smell like rotten coconuts.

Where Ghost Ants Are Found:

Most ghost ants are present in the southern region and Florida.

Thousands of ghost ants and numerous reproductive queens may make up a large colony of ghost ants.

The majority of colonies are found in smaller areas, so they are typically divided into sub-colonies.

Ghost ants live primarily outdoors, and they nest opportunistically, like the majority of successful tramp ant species.

Under and inside logs, in and under the firewood, or under stones, the bird nests in soil, in debris in tree crotches, dead tree limbs, and under stones.

The colonies will be found indoors inside walls, in boxes, between sheets, towels, folded clothing, in water beds, and just about anywhere dark and protected.

Ghost ants were found pouring out of the bottom of iron in a Miami home when the iron was unplugged.

When it comes to nest sites, this ant competes with the Pharaoh ant.

How to Get Rid of Ghost Ants:

Ghost Ants

Yes, it is true that ghost ants are not very dangerous to human beings, they dont cause any illness to you.

But they do bite human beings, the bite of ghost ants is very itchy and you will feel weird sensations in that particular bitten area.

Not just bite but these ants also invade your personal areas like the kitchen and they can attack your foodstuff also.

Due to all these different reasons, homeowners just need to know how to get rid of ghost ants effectively.

Written below are the few points that will help you out in the removal of these ants so read them carefully. 


Ghost ants are difficult to spot because of their small size. But you can easily spot them when they are in groups.

You can find them near your bathtub, around your sink area, on corners of kitchen tiles, and under the cabinets.

In order to find their entry point, you have to follow the foraging ants.

Foraging ants are not going to give you a clue about ants’ new colonies but they will definitely let you know about their entrance points. 

Vacuum Removal:

If you want something easy and effective then nothing is going to work better than a vacuum cleaner. Getting into confined spaces requires a crevice tool.

A vacuum cleaning machine can even remove the ants from holes and small cracks.

But keep in mind that you have to discard the vacuum bag immediately after usage. 

Knockdown Sprays:

Knockdown sprays are one of the best choices as they work very effectively in removing the surface ants.

Knockdown sprays are also very best for nesting sites, outdoor areas, tool sheds, and bathroom areas. 

Ant Baits And Gels:

If you want to eliminate the entire colonies of ants then ant baits and gels are one of the best options for you as they not only remove the surface or foraging ants but they remove each and every ant very effectively.

You can apply and place these ant baits in places like storage areas, washrooms, and kitchens but make sure you keep them away from any foodstuff.

Keep in mind that ant baits are very effective but you have to be patient for the visible results.

If you want effective results very fast then you can go for ant gels.

Ant gels contain very harsh poison so they will help you in getting rid of ghost ants, sugar ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh ants very effectively. 

How to Prevent Ghost Ants:

Once you eliminate these small species from your house then you need to prevent them too for this purpose you have to pay attention to some very important points that are also written below.

  • Remove all the food sources.
  • Dont leave any leftover food on the countertop or anywhere.
  • Keep your washroom and kitchen clean and moisture-free.
  • If there is any leakage problem going on then repairing is a must.
  • If there are cracks or crevices make sure to fill them up.

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Ghost ants are not dangerous ant species but still, people dont like to give them a place in their house. We have discussed everything in detail related to the elimination of the ghost ants from your house. 

Let us know in the comment section if this article is helpful for you or not. 

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