Gnat Lifespan: How Long Do Gnats Live?

Your houseplant may have been infested with fungus gnats if you’ve noticed tiny flying insects perching on it lately.

They are easy to eliminate, but they can still wreak havoc on your plants, especially if they have already laid eggs.

There are some key differences between fungus gnats and fruit flies that will help you distinguish them. Typically, fungus gnats have slender bodies and long legs.

With clear wings and a blackhead, they can fly extremely briefly. In contrast, fruit flies have shorter legs and brighter orange color.

Are you unsure how to remove gnats? The following article provides a guide to gnat control for plants.

In this article, you’ll find information about various pests, their symptoms, and how to prevent them.

If you are waiting eagerly to know how to get rid of gnats from plants then let’s get started with our first topic that is, 

How Do I Get Rid Of Gnats?

Rid Of Gnats

You must need to know how to get rid of gnats because gnats are one of the worst enemies of plants, especially indoor plants.

So let’s take a look at some of the tips that will help you in getting rid of gnats effectively.

Water Plants Less Often And From Beneath:

Plant pots can provide the perfect breeding ground for gnats, so you’ll need to remove them if they infest your plants.

So in order to get get rid of them properly, you need to completely destroy their breeding environment. It is one of the most effective ways.

As you might know that the fungus gnats love the moist soil alot because it is the place where the fungus can easily and properly develop.

Overwatering and not letting the soil completely dry is the only reason you are facing the fungus gnats problem.

Always keep in mind the moister the soil is the chances of fungus will be more. 

Most plants should be allowed to dry completely before rewatering after a hydration period of 20% to 50%. 

There are two types of gnats that feed on decaying matter in soil and fungi. A healthy soil medium will also have both types of gnats in it

To prevent the overwatering or under-drying soil problem you can invest in some good quality sub-irrigated planters.

Using these planters the upper layer of soil will quickly get dry as result there will be no fungus problem. 

Deal With Gnats Eggs:

In order to eliminate fungus gnats from a plant, both the larvae in the soil and the adult flies must be eradicated. Interrupting their life cycles is the only way to eliminate them.

Taking care of the adults will not prevent the eggs from hatching or the larvae from developing into adults.

It is not possible to stop the adults from laying eggs by dealing with the eggs and nymphs in the soil.

In order to prevent fungus gnats from laying eggs within your soil, add 2 inches of horticultural sand or diatomaceous earth over your plants’ potting mix.

Put Out Sticky Traps:

Have you ever seen the sticky gnats traps? If yes then you might not or might have thought about the yellow color.

The sticky traps are mostly yellow colored it is because the gnats are very attracted to the yellow color. 

There may have already been gnats laying their eggs when they fell into the trap, indicating that more gnats will hatch soon.

These yellow sticky traps are one of the most effective and easy ways to get rid of gnats.

When it comes to planting care, it is always better to avoid problems than fix them, so observe your watering processes carefully and make sure you dont overwater the plant. 

Deter Baby Gnats Already In The Potting Mix:

If you want to kill flying insects like fungus gnats, you can use Mosquito Bits, which is a natural larvicide for waterings that will kill larvae of insect-like insects.

The best way to release the bacteria from the bits is to soak them in water for 20 minutes, then add them to your plants’ water.

Once the plants are watered, you can spray them with larvicide, which will kill the larvae when they feed.

Insecticides are one of the most effective methods to control gnat infestations as they target the pest at the point of its lifecycle when it feeds the longest.

Incorporate Organic Insecticide Into Watering:

It’s always better to take preventive measures at the very start of the growth of these gnats.

If you take preventive measures early then it will be easier for you to overcome the problematic situation.

If this tip sounds good to you then investing in some best organic insecticides will be very helpful for you.

Or if you want a DIY organic insecticide then all you need is some good quality neem oil it is going to work wonderfully.

Adding the bits to your plants’ water will release the bacteria after 20 minutes of soaking.

When the larvae start feeding on the plants, the larvicide will kill them. You can then thoroughly water them.

This is one of the most effective ways as it targets and destroys the gnats at a very early age.

What Do Fungus Gnats Look Like?

Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are basically very small flying pests. Their survival is based upon the decaying stuff that is present in soil and dirt.

Their size is very small the minimum length of these fungus gnats is ⅛ inch and the maximum length of these gnats is ¼ inch.

Compared to their entire body their legs are very long. They are mostly present in black color and their thin abdomen is quite long.

Their wings are extremely thin and delicate so they can easily break. When they are not flying they will look extremely small just like sand particles, they are properly seen when they are flying.

These small pests love to be around the human body especially near the eyes and nose so be careful. 

Why Do I Have Gnats In My House?

The answer is extremely simple. If you have infested houseplants or damp soil in your house then it is an extremely accurate reason for gnat’s presence in your house.

When gnat eggs are laid in the soil, thousands of fresh gnats will hatch and fly throughout your house.

Not only the damp soil is the attractive feature of these gnats but there are more attractive features too such as fruits or vegetables that are unsealed, fresh flowers, wet garbage, dirty dustbins, and stagnant unclean water.  

How Long Do Gnats Live And How Fast Do Gnats Reproduce?


Whatever type of gnat it is the lifespan will be almost the same and the average lifespan of gnat is very short they can only live for up to 4 weeks.

Now you might be thinking that there is no need to kill them as they will die on their own after 4 weeks.

Yes, they will die after 4 weeks but in these 4 weeks, they reproduce hundreds of new gnats eggs which clearly indicates that gnats reproduce very quickly so you need to get rid of them as quickly as you can. 

It’s very shocking but it’s completely true that between 100-300 eggs are laid by a female gnat in 7-10 days and they lay eggs 30 times before their death.

Now just calculate the numbers and I m sure you will be shocked by the number of gnats one female can reproduce. 

Do Gnats Bite Humans?

Humans and plants suffer from gnat annoyances because of their small size and lack of directional sense.

As you gnats love being around humans so they try their best to kamikaze and they fly very close to our eyes and face, but they dont bite they only irritate us.

But there is a specie of female gnats known as sandflies. These gnats do bite humans and due to their bite that particular area will get red and you will also see a bump, this bite also causes itchiness. 

What Smell Do Gnats Hate?

The thing is gnats particularly hate the smell of lemon, lavender, and vanilla.

This is the reason people mostly use these scents in some gnats-killing DIYs. These 3 smells are great repellents so you can use stuff that has these 3 scents infusion.

In simple words, in order to keep them away from yourself, you can use candles or diffusers with vanilla, lavender, or lemon scent. 

Do Gnats Die in The Winter?

Temperatures between 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit are the best for gnats, as they cannot survive in cold weather.

It is recommended that you resort to the above methods of killing gnats if you have your plants indoors during the winter.

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So I hope finally you know how long gnats live and how you can get rid of them very easily.

If you face any problem related to gnats then our comment section is open for you drop your queries down and we will try our best to provide you with their solution.

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