Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs? (Here’s the Truth)

There is nothing worse than being infested with bedbugs because they are extremely irritating. In order to kill bed bugs, you’ll need proper killing treatment.

It is just hard to kill them, but it is also extremely difficult to identify them. Many bugs look like bed bugs, but their general characteristics differ from bed bugs.

The most common treatment used for killing bed bugs is using rubbing alcohol.

But the question is does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs effectively or it is just a popular method but not effective? 

So the simple answer to this question is Yes. Yes, it is true that rubbing alcohol work perfectly in killing bed bugs but if it is used properly.

You might be wondering how this simple chemical can kill bed bugs effectively. Let’s see how doe it kills these pesky insects effectively.

How Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are killed by rubbing alcohol because of their similar properties to some pesticides.

We have discussed some of their similarities down below let’s have a look at them,

Acts As A Drying Effect:

In the presence of alcohol, bed bugs suffer from dehydration because they do not drink regularly.

When alcohol comes in contact with bed bugs, it destroys their waxy exoskeleton, which keeps them moist.

When bed bugs’ exoskeletons are weakened by alcohol, they dehydrate and die.

Alcohol Has A Burning Effect:

Bed bugs’ organs are very vulnerable to the scorching effect of alcohol.

A bed bug’s body physiology is irreparably altered by alcohol when its organs are scorched.

Alcohol Destabilizes PH:

Due to its amphoteric nature, alcohol acts as an acid as well as a base in certain reactions.

A bed bug’s body fluids become destabilized once they come into contact with it. The bed bug’s system is disrupted as a result, causing it to die.

Acts As A Repellent:

Bed bugs are repelled by rubbing alcohol due to their strong scent.

When surfaces are sprayed with the substance, pests won’t crawl on them or lay eggs on them.

As a result, bed bugs have been eradicated from bedding and furniture with rubbing alcohol.

For example, if you want bed bugs to stay away from any particular space you can try this method.

Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bug Eggs?

Bed Bug Eggs

When used correctly, rubbing alcohol has been shown to be effective at eliminating bedbugs.

Bed bugs that escape death are either killed on contact or repelled by it. Can you tell me about their eggs?

As with bed bugs themselves, alcohol dehydrates their eggs as well. As a result, the eggs are damaged and dried, which limits their ability to hatch.

As a consequence, the substance will not affect eggs that come into connection with it.

Rubber alcohol may not penetrate hidden places where bed bugs lay eggs.

Bed bugs cannot return to an area that had been infested with rubbing alcohol in this case.

You will eventually hatch the eggs since they weren’t affected by the substance. This blood-thirsty parasite will return to your house!

For this reason, rubbing alcohol should be used regularly to treat our house for bed bugs.

Killing the adult population prevents them from reproducing and laying eggs.

Don’t give them a chance to hatch by treating your house soon after they hatch.

Your house can effectively rid of bed bugs with repeated applications of this type.

How to Use Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs (Step By Step)

Kill Bed Bugs

So we are going to tell you step by step how you can get rid of the bed bugs effectively using rubbing alcohol.

So let’s have a look at them,

Step 1: Mapping:

The first and the most important step is mapping. Start your procedure by mapping your house properly.

Bedbugs are most likely to be found in the areas of your home that are mapped.

In your home, you might find them underneath your mattresses, between the gaps between the cushions of your sofa sets, or between gaps in any wooden furniture.

If you use rubbing alcohol on these targets, you will achieve the best results.

Step 2: Buy Rubbing Alcohol in Large-Sized Bottles:

The larger the bottle of rubbing alcohol, the more economical it is. The most common size of rubbing alcohol is a gallon.

If you want to use rubbing alcohol throughout the treatment, fill empty spray bottles with it.

Step 3: Vacuum The House:

In plastic trash bags, place all bedclothes, pillowcases, and sheets. Seal them air-tight after spraying liberal amounts of rubbing alcohol onto them.

A bed bug’s eggs will not be able to hatch until these are destroyed, so they will not be able to reproduce.

In the event of an extensive infestation, spray all items that may harbor bed bugs with rubbing alcohol and bag them. Ensure that bed bugs are not disturbed.

Therefore, cleaning the area first is not recommended. Before you even have a chance to raid them, bed bugs will be on the move.

In this case, you want your substance to be directly in contact with a maximum number of bed bugs.

Step 4: Wipe Electronics And Furniture:

Make sure you only wipe your electronics and furniture with the fabric that has been treated with alcohol.

Avoid using lots of alcohol on food appliances as it might cause harm.

Only wipe the electronics and furniture. By doing so all the eggs and larvae will be killed that are scattered on the surface. 

Step 5: Spray Alcohol On All Bed Bug Hot Spots:

Bed bugs may hide in any area that is likely to be a hiding place. Rather than pouring, always spray.

By doing this, not only will the insecticide be distributed evenly, but the waste will also be minimized.

The spray shouldn’t be wiped off. Rather than leaving it to dry for a day, let it dry naturally

Step 6: Clean Up:

After cleaning all surfaces contaminated by rubbing alcohol, the final step is to clean them using a damp cloth.

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Yes, it is absolutely true that rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs effectively but you need to use it properly.

If you have any queries related to rubbing alcohol as a bed bug killer then let us know in the comment section.

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