Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs: 6 Most Common Bed Bug Look-Alikes

Bugs are extremely annoying and the situation gets worst if the bugs are bed bugs.

Bed bugs are hard to kill and you will require proper killing treatment in order to kill them.

Killing them is just hard but identifying them is extremely difficult because there are lots of bugs that look like bed bugs but they do not bed bugs in general.

If you do not properly identify them, you may perceive that you have bed bugs when you don’t, resulting in your pest-control methods not working as effectively as they should have.

This is the reason you need to identify them properly. In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 most common bugs that look like bed bugs.

So without wasting any further time let’s get started,

What Are Bed Bugs And How Do They Look:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can exhibit a variety of features that should be taken into account when identifying them.

Depending on the time of their life cycle, these insects vary in size from 2 to 5 millimeters.

During their early years, their skin is transparent but becomes rust-colored as they mature.

Newborn bed bugs turn bright red after eating blood. This situation happens because their size is very small.

Most of the time bed bugs can only be seen if they are feeding the blood from your skin.

A bed bug can be distinguished from other insects based on its appearance: It has a flat oval-type body that becomes elongated after eating.

Bed bugs are distinguished from arachnids or mature mites by their six legs and two antennae.

It is crucial to identify the type of insect you are dealing with before attempting to get rid of bed bugs

What Are Other Tiny Bugs in Bed that Is Not Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs

There are a few bugs that look like bed bugs. Let’s differentiate them. 

Bat Bugs Vs Bed Bugs:

In appearance, the most similar bug that looks like a bed bug is a bat bug. If you dont have a microscope then differentiating between them is impossible.

The only very small difference between them is the length of fringe hairs. This fringe is located near the head of the bug. 

The color of the bat bug is light brown or beige whereas the color of bed bugs is reddish type.

Usually, bat bugs dont live inside your house they live in bat colonies because their survival is based upon bat’s blood. You can find them in chimneys, attics, and plumbings. 

Baby Roaches Vs Bed Bugs:

Baby Roaches

As a result of their similar appearance and behavior, small baby roaches are usually mistaken for bed bugs.

Baby roaches are white or pale in color but after some time they become reddish in color which looks very similar to bed bugs’ color.

The main difference between these two is that baby roaches do not bite human beings while on the other hand bed bugs do eat human beings.

In order to stay warm, food, and moisture, they hide in cracks and dark, tight spaces.

Bed bugs, on the other hand, have an oval-shaped body and are almost two times smaller than baby roaches.

Ticks Vs Bed Bugs:

Ticks and bed bugs are very similar to each other. They both look very identical in terms of appearance.

Whether it’s tick or bed bug they both have brown bodies which are flat. And they both feed on human beings’ blood.

The main difference between them is that ticks are arachnids means they have 8 legs whereas bed bugs are insects so they have 6 legs only.

Bed bugs are mostly found inside your house whereas ticks are found outside the house in grass, trees, or leaves.

Bed bugs are not very harmful to human beings whereas ticks are very harmful and they can cause diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever etc. 

Fleas Vs Bed Bugs:

Both fleas and bed bugs have brown-reddish skin and don’t have wings.

There is a difference in appearance between fleas and bed bugs: fleas have vertically-flat bodies, whereas bed bugs have horizontally-flat bodies.

They both have six legs, but fleas jump to a height of 18 centimeters and have longer legs.

Bed bugs love to feed upon human beings’ blood whereas fleas love to bite our furry animals which include both dogs and cats.

Unlike flea bites, bed bug bites do not hurt immediately, and many people discover them the next day.

When it comes to flea bites, the lover parts of the body are most commonly affected, while bed bugs may bite you anywhere, especially if you sleep with your shirt off or have your legs exposed.

Booklice Vs Bed Bugs:

Booklice Vs Bed Bugs

Especially their nymphs, which are smaller and have pale brown or creamy skin colors, booklice are mistaken for bed bugs, too, because of their size and color.

Also having two antennae, booklice have a segmented body similar to termites.

The booklice are not a hazard to humans and feed exclusively on mold and fungi.

Under wallpaper, near windows, in damp books, and in stored food, you can find them in places with high humidity.

When comparing booklice to bed bugs, one can see that because of their quick dehydration, booklice are smaller and have distinct characteristics.

Carpet Beetles Vs Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are commonly misidentified due to their similar appearance and size, as carpet beetles look like bed bugs. The skin of the carpet beetle is black in color.

On its skin, there are white patterns along with scales that are very bright it might be orange, red, or dark reddish in color.

Carpet beetle is comparatively smaller than bed bugs and their body is flat and oval-shaped. Their body contains hair and 2 antennae.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

There are many bugs that look like bed bugs but we have discussed the top 6 most popular ones.

We hope that now you can differentiate between bed bugs and those bugs that look like bed bugs.

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