7 Best Wasp Traps 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

This article is a perfect spot for you if you are looking for the best wasp traps.

We are reviewing the top products that work effectively in getting rid of wasps completely.

When they build nests inside and around dwellings, wasps can pose a nuisance or hazard if they provide food for grubs in the yard.

In addition to taking up wasp nests, a good wasp trap might prevent them from forming in the first place.

It is a trap with bait in it that attracts wasps. Bags or containers are used to trap wasps.

Wasps are able to crawl inside the container through a funnel-shaped opening, but cannot leave through the same opening. Wasps are either drowned or suffocated after being trapped inside a trap.

To identify the most important features when shopping for the best wasp trap, this guide will explore the world of wasp traps.

So let’s not waste any further time and take a look at our first topic which is.

Best Wasp Traps – Overview:


RESCUE! Disposable Summer Yellowjacket Trap

  • Brand: Rescue
  • Color: Yellow
  • Target Species: Wasps
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ASPECTEK Wasp Trap Catcher

  • Brand: ASPECTEK
  • Color: Yellow, 2 Pack
  • Style: Wasp trap
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Protector Wasp Trap Bee Traps Catcher

  • Brand: Protecker
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Plastic
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Best Wasp Traps – Review:

1. RESCUE! Disposable Summer Yellowjacket Trap – Editor’s Choice

Rescue yellowjacket trap is our first pick for the best wasp traps. This wasp trap works extremely wonderful in trapping the wasps.

Not just wasps but this trap will quickly attract more than 19 species of flying pests.

It has a very simple yet effective trapping design this is the reason this product is loved by many people.

It is very easy to use also. All you need to do is on the powdered bait and apply some water after this hang the trap on any pole or tree branch. It’s better to hand the trap near where wasps are mostly present.

In the 8-inch by 8-inch trap, wasps attract the bait and fly into it. The liquid traps them inside and drowns them.

Users can estimate how many victims a bag has caught by using a convenient meter on the side.

Make sure to check the trap properly after some days, if it is properly filled with wasps then throw it in a dustbin and apply another one. No armed survivors need to be encountered.

The best part of this trap is that it is completely safe and non-toxic so it is a safe option for both pets and children. 


  • Extremely easy to use. 
  • Safe and non-toxic so it’s a great option for pets and children. 
  • Disposable design.


  • It is not an eco-friendly product. 


This product is one of the best purchases you have ever made. It works extremely wonderful in attracting and trapping the wasps.

The only worst thing about this trap is that it took a lot of time to catch all the wasps. 

2. ASPECTEK Wasp Trap Catcher – Best Budget

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on wasp traps or if you are low on budget then this one is the perfect option for you. This wasp trap works wonderfully in trapping the wasp. 

This wasp trap is a great alternative for those who do not want to ruin their outdoor living space’s aesthetics.

Due to their orange color, green tops, and bulbous shape, these traps are ideal for use in trees due to their resemblance to fruits.

The hole in this trap allows wasps to enter but not leave, just like other lures. 

Its multiple entrance holes make it easier for multiple wasps to enter at the same time, unlike other wasp traps. The liquid eventually drowns the wasps once they are trapped. 

This wasp trap contains all natural ingredients as bait which include sugar water and apple cider vinegar. Due to all the natural ingredients, this product is safe for pets and children. 

The size of this trap is approximately 5 inches in diameter. In one packet you will get two sets. 


  • It is a completely natural product. 
  • Affordable and very reliable. 
  • It has a very attractive look. 


  • The capacity of this trap is slightly small. 


This product is extremely effective in catching the wasps. It is an affordable yet reliable product so you will not regret your purchase later.

One thing that is quite disappointing about this product is that its capacity is small so it will not able to catch lots of wasps. 

3. Protector Wasp Trap Bee Traps Catcher – Best Premium

If you want something premium then this product is the go-to option for you. Investing money in this product is the best investment ever. 

Protector’s set of two wasp catchers has a natural design and is reusable, making them an ideal choice for outdoor living spaces. 

Orange traps with rounded shapes are attractive. There are three holes in this trap, unlike similar traps with a single hole.

A nylon cord of 18 inches is included with each pot so that it can be hung from a tree branch or hook. 

When the trap is full, the lid unscrews, allowing the contents to be emptied. It holds a fair amount of wasps, with a length and width of 9 inches and 5 inches, reducing the frequency of cleaning.

It is great for trapping other flying pests too. 


  • It has a very attractive look so wasps can easily get trapped inside it. 
  • It has multiple entering points. 
  • You can reuse it so worth investing money.


  • It is quite expensive. 


This product is worth investable. It keeps the wasps away from your house.

Due to its attractive look and multiple openings, it will attract and catch more wasps than usual. It is not a good option for you if you have a low budget.

4. RESCUE! TrapStik for Wasps – Best Sticky

By luring wasps to a sticky surface that ensnares them, this set of two traps mimics the playbook of spiders. 

They use VisiLure technology, which uses colors that wasps prefer to draw them in, as opposed to other traps which use sugary substances to attract wasps.

In addition to becoming hopelessly trapped, the wasp eventually dies of dehydration once it lands on the trap.

In addition to measuring just over 11 inches in length and about 5 inches in diameter, the trap has a chain that hangs from a tree or limb and is large enough to catch hundreds of wasps.

Wasps can get into the trap through a plastic guard encircling it, but birds, for example, cannot. Throw away the full trap once it is full and replace it with a new one.


  • There is no need to add any bait. 
  • In one packet you will get a set of two traps. 
  • It has a mash guard that will prevent the birds. 


  • It is on the expensive side. 


This sticky trap is one of the best wap traps available in the market. It works perfectly in trapping wasps and other flying pests.

One worst thing about this wasp trap is that it is slightly on the expensive side. 

5. RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap – Best Reusable

If you are looking for the best quality reusable wasp trap then this product is going to work wonderfully. 

A reusable wasp trap from RESCUE is a much better alternative to disposable wasp traps that can come with unpleasantness and potential danger.

A plastic cylinder measuring 3.5 inches in diameter and 10 inches long is used to make the traps. 

Several inverted funnels are attached inside the cylinder that serves as an entrance and prevents wasps from escaping. RESCUE makes a special attractant for the trap that lures in wasps. 

Alternatively, household baits can be used or refills can be purchased. Rescue reusable trap has a very large size compared to other ones at this pricing so it can easily catch a large number of wasps.

A full trap is emptied by unscrewing its bottom and disposing of it in the trash. This trap is eco-friendly because it uses no baits and is reusable. This option comes in a two-pack.


  • You can easily view the wasps inside this trap. 
  • It has a large capacity which means a large number of bees will be trapped. 
  • A very simple and reusable design.


  • The larger size makes it more visible on the trees and poles which don’t look very nice. 


This sticky trap is going to be the best investment ever. It works perfectly in trapping the wasps and other flying pests too.

The only bad thing about this product is the pricing factor. 

6. ANPHSIN Hanging Fake Wasp Nest Paper Decoy – Best Eco-Friendly

This package includes 6 packs of decoys of wasp nests made of durable paper.

The decoys are realistically shaped, sized, and colored. Many problems can be solved by them during the hot summer months.

Bamboo fiber and cotton blend are used to make this artificial wasp nest.

Unlike normal paper, this material is stronger and more durable, making it more suitable for long-term storage.

Designed to mimic a wasp’s nest, these bamboo fiber and cotton blend traps are made of bamboo fiber and cotton blend. This six-pack is perfect for keeping you stocked up throughout the summer.

These artificial hanging wasp nests have a diameter of approximately 8.5 inches and a height of approximately 11.5 inches. Their nests are similar in size to real wasp nests, so they can lose wasps easily.

It’s recommended to store them in a dry place during rainy weather since they’re made of paper.


  • Collapsible and portable design.
  • The paper is durable so it will not tear up easily. 
  • Has a very realistic shape and color. 


  • It will not trap all the wasps. 


If you are looking for an eco-friendly product that can trap wasps without harming them then this is the product for you.

The only bad thing about this product is that it will take a longer time to trap all the wasps. 

7. Handcraft Peppermint Essential Oil – Best Natural

These oils are exactly what they sound like! There are a number of oils on the market that make this claim but are actually made from natural isolates and mixtures.

Using an independent lab to test each essential oil is what makes us proud to offer the Quality Guarantee on every bottle.

The smell of this peppermint oil is very pleasant to human beings whereas the smell is very irritating to wasps. 

It is a very natural peppermint oil and it works effectively in repelling wasps.

Not just wasps but with the help of this essential oil, you can easily prevent other flying pests too. 

Add some dish soap to some water, and add some drops of peppermint oil if you don’t feel like getting experimental with homemade concoctions.

Wasps are also said to be deterred by a combination of lemongrass, cloves, and geranium.

The smell of peppermint repels wasps and other flying pests.


  • It has a very pleasing smell but still, it will help in getting rid of wasps. 
  • It is totally environmentally friendly. 
  • Not just for wasps repellent but you can use it for other home purposes too. 


  • Reapplication is necessary after a few days. 


Nothing works better than peppermint oil if you are looking for something natural. This product works effectively.

The only drawback of this essential oil is that you need to reapply this oil again and again after a few days. 

Best Wasp Traps Buyer’s Guide:

Best Wasp Traps

Maybe you made your final decision related to the best wasp traps from the above in-detail reviews.

But keep in mind that there are a few things apart from the reviews that you need to keep in mind before making your final decisions. 

All these important points are written below so have a look at them, 

1. Types of Wasp Traps:

It is possible to purchase reusable, disposable, or sticky wasp traps.

As with Hotel California, reusable traps have funnel-shaped entrances that allow wasps to enter but cannot leave.

The wasps inside the tube are attracted by a lure. Dehydration eventually kills them once trapped. Once a trap is full, the bottom can be removed so it can be cleaned out.

The function of disposable traps is similar to that of reusable traps. An opening with a funnel shape allows the wasps to enter but prevents them from exiting.

They use a lure to attract them and allow them to enter. Disposable traps use plastic bags instead of rigid plastic cylinders. You can simply throw away the entire trap once it is full.

In addition, disposable traps cannot be used to catch vengeful survivors and are not eco-friendly or economical to use since they must be replaced constantly.

Cone-shaped cylinders covered in sticky glue form sticky traps. A wasp stuck on the sticky substance eventually dies from dehydration after becoming hopelessly stuck.

Wasps can be caught and killed with sticky traps, but other insects can also be killed with sticky traps, including beneficial insects.

In addition, birds can be attracted to insects stuck in the trap if there is no guard around them.

2. Safety and Eco-Friendliness:

It is not necessary to use harmful chemicals in wasp traps.

By baiting the wasps with food, they attract them and then drown them or deprive them of water and food so that nature can take its course once they are trapped.

A reusable trap employs a reusable container rather than a disposable plastic bag, which is the most eco-friendly option.

In terms of eco-friendliness, sticky traps are perhaps the least environmentally friendly.

These disposable products are not only more likely to harm beneficial insects and animals, but they also use a disposable design.

3. Ease Of Setup:

It takes only a few minutes to set up most wasp traps. It is simply a matter of hanging the trap near the wasp activity. Adding bait or water is as simple as opening the trap door.

In the case of a disposable trap, dispose of it once it’s full, or in the case of a reusable trap, clean out the contents and add fresh bait.

4. Weather Resistance And Reusability

Wasp traps are designed to endure wet weather since they spend weeks collecting their victims.

In order to prevent the trap from being affected by rain, the entrance holes are small and strategically placed so that they are not affected by water.

Winter weather is not a concern for wasp traps since wasp activity mainly occurs during warmer months.

Tips for Using Wasp Traps:

Best Wasp Traps

Once wasps become a threat in the summer, many people set up traps, but by that point, it is too late.

In addition to establishing nests, wasps have begun reproducing.

An active nest of wasps can’t be caught with a wasp trap. Sprays are best used at that point.

As midsummer approaches, there will also be an abundance of food to feed these pests, decreasing their likelihood of entering a trap.

Install a wasp trap in the spring before they establish a nest and begin reproducing so that you can take care of the issue at its earliest stage.

The placement of traps is also crucial. Traps work by luring wasps in, so you shouldn’t place them near living areas.

The distance between outdoor living areas and wasp traps should be at least 20 feet.

When hanging a wasp trap, choose a strategic location. Wasps often gather to feast on the fruit of fruit trees, where the trap can be hung.

  • Make sure you hand your wasp traps in the spring season so you can control the major population of wasps.
  • Avoid placing the wasp’s traps near the outdoor living spaces.
  • Hang the traps in those areas where a large number of wasps are present.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Effective Are Wasp Traps?

Wasp traps are extremely effective in trapping and attracting wasps.

But the thing is waps traps only work effectively if they are placed in the right places.

If you place the wasp’s traps close to your living areas then the area will get more waps.

It will increase the likelihood of the stings. The quality of the product also matters in the effectiveness of the trap.

Where Should I Hang a Wasp Trap?

In order to ensure that wasp activity does not increase near living spaces, hang wasp traps at least 20 feet away from them.

You should hang them in fruit trees nearby, as they are known to be the food source for wasps, so hang them there if possible.

How Do I Clean a Reusable Wasp Trap?

The first step to avoiding potential stings is to ensure the trap does not contain live wasps.

To dispose of the trap, remove it from the ground and bring it to an outdoor trash can.

In the trash can, remove the lid of the trap and dump the dead wasps. Reapply the bait after rinsing the trap out with a hose.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

So finally you know everything about the best wasp traps that are available on the market.

Choose the one that fit your needs and budget perfectly. Make sure you keep all the points in mind at the time of purchase so that you will end up making the right decision.

We would love to hear your suggestions too. Let us know in the comment section if you think there is another best wasp trapper.

And also let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite product from our list of top 6 best wasp traps.

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