7 Best Skunk Trap in 2022: Expert Reviews

Is this your first time seeing a skunk? Beautifully fluffy black and white coat.

Knowing how to handle and trap a skunk is crucial, but it isn’t essential.

You will find a number of unexpected indicators of their invasion around your home since they have a nighttime routine.

Skunks leave a series of holes around your yard that are 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep.

Everyone knows about the awful scent. Skunks may do a lot of damage to your lawn and turn it into a landfill in their quest for food.

Not only can these rodents leave a foul odor in their wake, but they may also serve as disease vectors.

Besides animals, they are the second most common source of rabies in the world, after bats, and the disease may be dangerous to people as well.

Roundworms (Baylisascaris Columnaris) may be passed from them to your pets or children, making them a potential health risk.

Skunk spray may also induce toxic shock syndrome in dogs, according to the ASPCA. Vomiting and diarrhea are the primary symptoms of this illness.

If you wish to protect yourself, your pets, and your property against skunks, I’d like to give my recommendations for the finest traps and tested methods.

The Snare Shop # 6 Tuff Trap

The Snare Shop # 6 Tuff Trap

  • Brand: The Snare Shop
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Target Species: Cat, Opossum, Squirrel, Skunk
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Jt Eaton 475 N Catch/release Skunk Trap

Jt Eaton 475 N Catch/release Skunk Trap

  • Brand: J T Eaton
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: HAWA.
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Ouell Traps 4-11

Ouell Traps 4-11

  • Brand: Pieges Ouell Traps
  • Material: Metal
  • Target Species: Weasel, Mink, Skunk
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No. 6 Skunk-N-More Live Trap

No. 6 Skunk-N-More Live Trap

  • Brand: Z TRAP
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Target Species: Cat, Rabbit, Opossum, Skunk
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Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Trap

Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Trap

  • Brand: Havahart
  • Color: Sliver
  • Material: Metal
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Northern Tool & Equipment Spray-Proof Skunk Trap

Northern Tool & Equipment Spray-Proof Skunk Trap

  • Brand: Northern Tool & Equipment
  • Color: As Shown
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Metal
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Havahart Cage Trap

Havahart Cage Trap

  • Brand: HAVAHART
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight: 6.22 Pounds
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Best Skunk Trap Reviews:

1. The Snare Shop # 6 Tuff Trap – Editor’s Choice

The Snare Shop # 6 Tuff Trap

You can use the Snare Shop’s product for several purposes.

I mean, in addition to skunks, it can also capture possums, cats, rabbits, and other small animals. Make a calculated decision concerning a bait to lure your target. 

Skunks are notoriously hard-to-catch. Check the instruction booklet for a list of recommended animals to look for.

A guillotine-style door and other steel pieces make up the rest of the pipe, which is polyvinyl. 

The skunk is unable to raise its tail and squirt the musk into the trap because of its size. As a result, shipping is made easier, and an unpleasant odor is avoided.


  • Completing the application takes just a few seconds.
  • Ideal for rats of a small size.
  • The ease with which it may be cleaned.
  • A clean, but eye-catching design.


  • The skunk may be too little for it.


You may employ the Tuff Trap as either a live or a lethal trap. The animal may be released in accordance with your state’s release policy.

Alternatively, you might go with a less compassionate option like submerging the whole trap.

2. Jt Eaton 475 N Catch/release Skunk Trap – Best Premium

Jt Eaton 475 N Catch/release Skunk Trap

You can see through the glass to see which animal you’ve managed to imprison. Polyethylene structure, on the other hand, has several sharp corners.

They may cut themselves and leave a trail of blood throughout the house. 

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the trap before the next time you use it!

The reason for this is that the scent of another animal may frighten away the one you wish to capture.

There are two doors on either side of this trap. With a sensitive trigger and an easy-to-set mechanism, the primary door opens by spring pressure.

The secondary door has a hook above it with holes in them to attract the animal with the fragrance of bait.


  • Convenient device for catching prey.
  • Provides a sense of safety for the animal.
  • Ensures that the bait compartment is easily accessible.
  • Has a limited one-year warranty.


  • The material isn’t as safe or long-lasting as advertised.


The JT Eaton 475N is a humane trap meant to protect rodents from harm.

In spite of its shortcomings, such as the lack of door thickness and gaps between door and wall, you may simply replace it.

3. Ouell Traps 4-11 – Best Budget

Ouell Traps 4-11

It is a Canadian corporation, Pièges Odell. As a result, its goods are created in compliance with a no-cruelty policy that is certified by the international humane trapping standards.

Squirrels, roosters, foxes, and ermine are all protected by this trap. Heavily galvanized metal construction means the animal will not be able to escape.

Bigger rodents, on the other hand, maybe snagged behind the skull and not immediately killed. When this occurs, you must be prepared to free the animal from its suffering.


  • Construction that lasts a long time.
  • Indestructible regardless of the weather.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Contains a lever for removing deceased animals, so you won’t come into touch with any of them.


  • Caution should be used throughout the process of applying.
  • Children and dogs should avoid this area if at all possible.


As far as the mechanism’s efficiency is concerned, it is designed to break the pest’s neck in less than 10 seconds and kill the animal. 

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4. No. 6 Skunk-N-More Live Trap – Best Value

No. 6 Skunk-N-More Live Trap

Each end of the pipe has a door, and it’s made of black polyvinyl. Designed like a guillotine, the front door closes in a matter of seconds.

The door for bait placement is on a swivel.

You can see through the windows in both doors to see whether you’ve captured somebody.

Due to its 6-inch by 24-inch dimensions, the skunk in No. 6 Live would be unable to move, straighten its back, or spray.

Because of this, the pest would be unable to move.

In terms of setup and usage, it doesn’t need any additional work. But PVC is the trap’s weak spot. It is possible for rats to open the door and flee away from the house.

Keep in mind that steel layers may be used to upgrade any section.


  • The live trap.
  • Suitable for a variety of rodents.
  • Z traps is a well-known and trusted brand.


  • The design prevents spraying.
  • Stuff that is simple to digest.


Such a design makes it possible to place the bait close to the rear entrance, encouraging the animal to traverse the whole length of the pipe and activate the guillotine mechanism through the 3-way trigger system. 

5. Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Trap – Best Deadly Trap for Killing Skunks

Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Trap

When a bait plate is placed in the center of the cage, a spring-loaded door opens and traps the prey.

Make sure that the stinky food is positioned beneath the structure in order for the animals to press the bait plate’s trigger.

Check the instruction booklet for a list of recommended animals to look for.

A guillotine-style door and other steel pieces make up the rest of the pipe, which is polyvinyl.

The handle is shielded from damage by a steel cap on the top side. As a result, the object will not need any more effort to use or move.


  • It is appropriate for skunks, large squirrels, rabbits, and minks.
  • Built for long-term exploitation.
  • Setting it up is a breeze.


  • Skunks can’t spray it because of its tiny size.
  • can’t keep a large pest in.


Animals are protected from injury in the Havahart 1030 live trap because of its smooth inner edges.

Designed to last a long time, it is galvanized and rust-resistant.

6. Northern Tool & Equipment Spray-Proof Skunk Trap – Best Durability

Northern Tool & Equipment Spray-Proof Skunk Trap

There’s a metal handle on top and a square door on one end of this PVC pipe, which is green in color.

There’s no way to view what you’ve trapped within the trap. When you attempt to empty the traps, the skunks might sink their claws in even deeper and brace themselves.

In order to free the skunk trapped within, many users threw the trap about a little. That issue would be solved if the diameter were somewhat larger.


  • Skunks are unable to use their venom.
  • Metals and other durable materials.
  • The handle is made out of metal.


  • Insects and other creatures may find a place to hide inside of them.


Although the skunk can squeeze inside the PVC pipe since it is six inches in diameter on the inside, it is unable to lift its tail and spray.

No, skunks aren’t going to attack or itch you.

7. Havahart Cage Trap – Best Features

Havahart Cage Trap

Heavy-duty steel wire mesh is used in the construction of Havahart’s mechanical wildlife trap.

Rustproof and durable enough for opossums and other small animals, it is also resistant to corrosion. Two spring-loaded doors and protective handguards are included in the package.

To make things even more convenient, the trip plate may be sized to fit the animal’s weight and height.

With its heavy-duty handle and solid locking mechanism, this kennel is ideal for transporting and securing an animal.

And the rounded corners and smooth surfaces are safe for animals and their handler.


  • High-quality materials and building methods.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Convenient set-up and removal.
  • Transporting captured animals is made simple.


  • Inappropriate for a wide range of fauna.
  • The rear of the trap may be tough to bait.
  • Smaller animals may not be able to use the trip plate since it is not sensitive enough.


This Havahart Cage Trap may be used for both business and personal purposes.

It’s easy to put up and take down thanks to its straightforward design.

What Is a Skunk Trap and How Do They Work?


Squirrel traps are dark, enclosed boxes or tubes with a spring-loaded trap door that closes when the squirrel tries to escape.

The skunk feels safe and comfortable within the trap since it is dark. Sprinkling by skunks is much reduced, but not completely halted.

Skunk Traps: How Do They Operate?

Skunk-attracting food must be used to bait traps. They have a good sense of smell and are enticed by sardines, fish-flavored cat food, peanut butter, and eggs.

If you think raccoons or cats could be trapped in your traps, make sure you use peanut butter or eggs.

Place the trap’s aperture near the skunk den’s entrance. When skunks aren’t active during the day, this is the best time to do it.

They’ll start moving about as soon as the sunsets.

When they emerge from their cave, they’ll scent the bait and enter the trap. When someone steps on a pressure plate, a door will open behind them.

They’ll be caught when the door’s spring snaps it shut.

What Are Your Options For The Best Skunk Traps?

Best Skunk Traps

It has been determined that skunks may be captured alive in dark, contained traps thanks to the cooperation of pest control professionals and colleges and institutions.

Manufacturers have used the information they gathered from this to create traps that work.

All of the traps we’re going to look at today are in line with those suggestions.

Material, spring-loaded doors, and hinges, as well as how easy it is to release an animal from a trap all contribute to its overall quality.

Is a Skunk Trap Worth the Cost?

Yes. Aside from the fact that they like to feed on bugs and grubs, the damage they may inflict on your yard while digging for these grubs is typically considered a good thing.

Only during the breeding season will there be more than one skunk in each burrow, since they are naturally solitary creatures.

To re-trap another one, just shovel dirt into the burrow you just used to catch the first one.

What About My Pets and Children?

What About My Pets and Children?

When it comes to your children’s age, as well as the size of your pets, it all depends.

You should never leave the traps alone with children under the age of ten, and never give them access to the traps. 

If their arm, leg, or hand gets into the trap, they will panic and might hurt themselves.

When the trap closes, it may hurt them, but their frantic attempts to escape may inflict them more harm.

Trap safety may be taught to older children. There are ways to teach your pets to help you catch skunks and release them back into the wild after they are captured.

The traps should be maintained out of the reach of your pets, no matter how big or little they are. 

Skunks and small pets alike may be captured in the traps. An animal’s face or paw might get trapped in the trap. They are prone to hurt themselves in the process of escaping.

When it comes to children, meanwhile, live traps are typically safe for people, but they should never be used near pets and their safety should be evaluated according to the age and developmental stage of the kid in question.

Avoid leaving your children alone near traps if you have any doubts.

How Do You Find The Best Skunk Trap?

An animal trap may help you get rid of skunks and other pests that are causing problems in your house. 

If you don’t do your study, finding the best skunk traps might be a daunting endeavor since there are so many options to select from.

For your convenience, we’ve already done the research and gathered skunk trap ratings for you.

If you’re looking for the best product for your needs, you’ll find a list of the most crucial aspects below..


Most traps can be found in a wide range of styles and designs if you just look around the market.

Tunnel or tube-type traps have grown increasingly popular for collecting skunks and other small animals since they remove the chance of larger species getting captured inside.

The animal will be almost undetectable to humans and other animals because of the tunnel’s structure.

Due to their small stature, these critters will not be able to lift their tails and spray you with their spray.

Using a cage trap to catch skunks is also a great option. This is the ideal option if you want to capture a wide variety of species.

Though you’re transporting an animal in an open cage, even if it makes it simpler for you to see the animal, you may want to keep it covered while doing so.

You may also purchase a spring-operated choker trap, which kills the animal by choking it to death. Your pest problem will be solved permanently.

Some people aren’t enthusiastic about killing these invading insects, even if they are considered a nuisance.

Using a deadly trap to capture a certain species might also wind up killing other creatures in the area.

Because there are many protected species out there, it’s best to utilize a humane trap to prevent getting into trouble and paying penalties.


Buying a secure trap is essential since you never know what type of animal you’re going to catch.

If you’re searching for a trap, make sure it prioritizes safety and avoids any contact with the animal you’ve captured.

If an animal decides to attack, the trap has to be made of sturdy materials.

Cage traps prevent skunks from biting or clawing their way into your hand, thus the grip should be protected.

It is important that skunk traps be big enough for skunks to go into, dark so they feel comfortable and secure, enclosed so they can’t spray or scratch or bite, and have some method to peek inside the traps to see what you’ve captured.

For those who need to be as far away from the animal throughout the relocation process as possible, time-release products are an alternative.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get out of harm’s way with the help of this gadget.

Intricately Crafted with Care and Accuracy:

High-quality materials are necessary for a live trap since you want to be able to keep the animal inside for a long amount of time.

In order for a trap to be effective, it must be able to withstand both the monster and the weather.

In this case, quality traps are more expensive and more effective than low-cost traps. Only versions made of durable metal or long-lasting PVC are recommended by us.

It’s best to stay away from low-cost plastic skunk traps since rats may easily chew through them.

Restrictions on What May and May Not Be Accomplished:

The fact that no traps, not even the most dangerous, maybe purchased is an important factor to consider while making this purchase.

Trapping rules and prohibitions differ from state to state. As a consequence, you should read customer reviews before making a purchase.


Consider versions that can capture more than just skunks if you want to get the most bang for your money.

If you want a multifunctional product, make sure the product is big enough to capture all the critters you have in mind and can carry the exact bait that is necessary.

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The Bottom Line:

It is important that skunk traps be big enough for skunks to go into, dark so they feel comfortable and secure, enclosed so they can’t spray or scratch or bite, and have some method to peek inside the traps to see what you’ve captured.

Once you’ve caught a skunk in them, they must be simple to put up, move, and empty.

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