The 9 Best Chipmunk Poison Bait In 2022: Expert Reviews

Due to a wide variety of best chipmunk poison bait, it is very hard for the customers to buy the right product for themselves. 

So due to this particular reason, we have decided to take away all the stress from your shoulders and ease your difficulties by providing you with in-detail reviews of the best chipmunk poison baits. 

Not only just the reviews but we are also going to share a buyer’s guide that will help you in making your final purchase. 

When chipmunks are on the surface they look very innocuous and cute. These cute little species only poke around fallen leave just for acorns and dried fruits. 

But it’s very surprising how much damage these critters can do if left unchecked and allowed to feed and reproduce at their leisure.

They destroy the nice and even look of your gardens and lawns on an extreme level. 

This is the reason people hate them and want to give them poison so that they can’t invade their personal places. 

Written below are the top X best chipmunk poison/baits that work very effectively in killing these species. 

So without any further time wasting let’s get started, 

Best Chipmunk Poisons Baits – Overview:


JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide

JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide

  • Brand: J T Eaton
  • Capacity: 9 pounds
  • Flavor: Peanut Butter
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Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait

Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait

  • Brand: Neogen
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Item Form: Baits
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Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

  • Brand: Motomco
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Active Ingredients: Diphacinone
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Best Chipmunk Poisons Baits – Review:

1. JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide – Editor’s Choice

JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide

Starting our list of the best chipmunk poison baits with this JT Eaton bait.

The taste of this chipmunk bait is peanut butter which is a plus point as chipmunks love peanuts so they will certainly love this too. 

It is a powerful poisoned bait to attract more and more chipmunks. 

This package contains 9 lbs and 144 blocks of poisoned baits which means it is more than enough for eliminating and killing the chipmunks whether they are available in large quantities or whether they are available in small quantities. 

Children will not be confused and will not consume the bait inadvertently since these baits come in the form of big green blocks.

Diphacinone (0. 005-percent) is the active ingredient of these baits and it effectively removes all small rodents very easily. 

Not only just chipmunks will be killed by these baits but rodents like mice, squirrels, and rats will also get killed by these baits. 

One thing that I don’t like about this product is that compared to the quantity of product the packaging is slightly smaller in size which results in broke blocks. 


  • Best for eliminating and killing the squirrels, rats, chipmunks, and mice. 
  • A very affordable product with a great quantity of product. 
  • Very attractive and addictive to the chipmunks because of the peanut butter flavor. 


  • Slow effecting bait. 


These poisoned baits work very effectively in killing the chipmunks so they are one of the best options.

This chipmunk bait will require a little time to show visible results. So if you are looking for fast-acting bait then this product is not for you. 

2. Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait – Best Premium 

Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait

If you are looking for something premium but effective then this bait poison is a go-to option for you. 

Yes, it will require some extra dollars but the result will be worth every penny. It will meet your expectations and will provide you with visible results fast. 

The active ingredient in its making is Brodifacoum, which is one of the best ingredients for treating chipmunk problems. 

Not just the people but many professional chipmunk killers love them too. 

These baits will cause dehydration in chipmunks which initially results in their death. 

And the best part of this bait is that it can also be used indoors as dehydrated dead rodents don’t smell that bad. 

These are second-generation anticoagulant means they are very strong which make them one of the best chipmunk poison bait. 

The one slight drawback of these baits is the high price point. These chipmunk poisoned baits are comparatively more expensive than other chipmunk baits. 


  • One of the fastest working poison bait. 
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Very easy to use and apply. 


  • Slightly on the expensive side. 


If you are one of those people who don’t care about money then trust me nothing is going to work better than this.

It provides you with visible results just after a one-two feeding session. 

3. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx – Best Budget

Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

If you are low on budget but still want an effective poison bait that can kill chipmunks effectively then this product is a go-to option for you. 

Anticoagulant rodenticides such as this bait are perfect for eliminating squirrels, mice, and chipmunks.

There is nothing stopping you from using this bait either inside your house or outside. 

There is no doubt that this product is extremely effective and it does what it is supposed to. 

Weather problems will not affect this bait since it is weather-resistant, so it is not affected by heat or cold. 

Then this is the product for you if you are really disappointed by chipmunks. 

This bait contains Diphacinone, which is an effective method for eradicating smaller rodents. 

It is disappointing to know that its description states it contains Bromadiolone but it does not contain any Bromadiolone. 


  • A very easy-to-use squirrel bait. 
  • The results will be visible in just 4-5 days. 
  • A weather-resistant product and it is very long-lasting too. 


  • It is very strong so keep it away from children. 


Even while remaining under your budget you can easily get a good quality effective product that kills and eliminates the chipmunks.

But keep in mind that if you have children and pets that this product is really toxic for them.

4. Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks – Best Lethal 

Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

The product is an excellent choice for those who are not concerned about killing the chipmunks.

Immediately after eating a single bite, this bait poison begins working. Rodents and squirrels are swiftly and efficiently killed by it.

It contains bromadiolone, a type of anticoagulant blood thinner that is deadly for these rodents.

Bromadiolone is coated on poisoned seeds and nuts, and it kills the chipmunks very effectively.

The poisoned baits are available individually wrapped in 8 bars. These weigh approximately one pound each.

A chipmunk can easily consume the bars because of their shape. Alternatively, you can break the bars into smaller sections.

Those who live in California cannot purchase this very effective product, which sounds unpleasing.


  • Proven efficiency and results.
  • Works extremely fast.
  • The bars are individually wrapped to the poison will not spread.


  • Not suitable for pets and kids.


If you are impatient like me then this product is going to work wonderfully for you.

It is great for eliminating the chipmunks but it is not great for killing them.

Due to its strong power, it is a bad option for kids and pets.

5. Sweeney’s Mole and Gopher Poison Peanuts Bait

Sweeney's Mole and Gopher Poison Peanuts Bait

The name might have misled you into thinking that these are really poisoned peanuts, but they are not. Instead, they are poisoned palettes that can kill chipmunks easily. 

Zinc phosphide is a poison used to kill rodents and is found in these palettes in concentrated form.

Besides killing chipmunks, the poison also kills gophers and moles.

It is designed for pinching the holes and laying the bait at the bottom of these poison containers, so the cone is not useless.

In the absence of dryness, the moles will not die right when they come in contact with water or humidity. Once they are exposed to water, they will not be able to kill the moles properly.

The palettes dissolve in water or decompose when they come into contact with water and are left on the ground to decompose.

These baits are easy to use and apply so you don’t need any professional help for application purposes. 

One slight drawback of these chipmunk poison baits is that it works very effectively for some people while some people complain about their efficiency.


  • Works perfectly and it is an effective product even if you use it in small quantities. 
  • Kills moles, gophers, voles, and other pesky rodents too. 
  • Once it is eaten it kills the moles within seconds. 


  • Not available in California and North Carolina.


These are one of the best chipmunk poison bait available on the market. These baits work very quickly and kill the chipmunks very effectively.

6. Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide – Best For Professionals

Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide

If you are looking for a great quantity of a product then this one is a perfect option for you. 

This bait poison comes in an 18 pounds bucket in which 288 blocks of baits are present which is more than enough for covering even a large area. 

The quantity of these best chipmunk poison baits is quite good for 2-3 years but it is only going to work effectively if it is air-tight close. 

The main active ingredient in these poison bait is Bromadiolone, this ingredient is great for eliminating the chipmunks and other rodents from your house. 

The best part about this poisoned bait is that it is formulated in such a way that it can be used easily in all weather conditions. 

The product must, however, be used in a tamper-resistant bait station. Unless you do so, neighborhood cats, dogs, and other animals might get into it.

This product is even safe for non-targeted animals which is a plus point. 


  • A great quantity of product so it can last you quite a long time.
  • This is a killer poison for chipmunks but safe for other non-targeted pets.
  • It is weatherproof so you can use it in any season. 


  • Before using, it should be placed into a tamper-proof bait station.


It is one of the best chipmunk bait poisons and it works very effectively in killing them.

The best part about these baits is that they are pet-safe so your pets will be safe around these poisoned baits. 

7. Kaytee Squirrel and Critter Blend – Best Safe 

Kaytee Squirrel and Critter Blend

This product is an excellent choice if you do not wish to harm chipmunks in any way.

By using Kaytee Squirrel and Critter Blend, you can repel chipmunks without actually killing them.

There is no danger to chipmunks from this product. This is a food that includes whole peanuts, corn, grains, nuts, and seeds.

This product cannot kill chipmunks without chipmunk traps.

Chipmunks eat these foods naturally and they are very attractive to them as part of their normal diet. Therefore, they enter squirrel traps in order to obtain them.

Children and pets will not be harmed by this product as it is safe to use.

These come in a high-quality plastic bag that is easy to store. The bag won’t take up a lot of space.

This product doesn’t come in a variety of sizes, which is a negative. If your targeting area is larger, you will need more bags since only one size is available.


  • This product contains nontoxic ingredients.
  • Durable, minimalist packaging.
  • Chipmunks can use this option safely and without fear of being killed.


  • Not for killing the chipmunks. 


This is not poison bait it is basically a dietary supplement for chipmunks.

They are not going to kill the chipmunks on their own you will require a chipmunk trap along with this one in order to kill them. 

8. Final Blocks Rodenticide – Best Fast Acting Formula 

Final Blocks Rodenticide

Do you need effective results fast? There is no need to worry. If you would like to see results quickly, these rodenticides are perfect for you. 

Within seconds of a chipmunk biting these rodenticides, they begin to work. 

This item can be used indoors or outdoors, as you wish.

Even if you have a large area where squirrels are present, this product, coming in an 18-pound bucket, is more than ample. 

Rodenticides or squirrel killers should only be used in conjunction with bait boxes. 

Ensure that you read the label carefully before using the Final Blox Squirrel bait. 

Each state in the United States has its own regulations concerning rodenticide use. 

In order to adhere to these regulations, it is imperative that you become familiar with them.

Final Blox is commonly used by many licensed pest control professionals. A small amount of the stuff is sufficient to kill most pests.


  • It seems to work like magic.
  • Fast and very long-lasting results.
  • Very easy application and weather-resistant too. 


  • Little on the expensive side. 


You can use this product if you’re looking for quick results. Large areas can also be covered with it.

But since it is so strong, kids and pets are not safe around it.

9. TakeDown Soft Bait Rodenticide – Best Soft Bait 

TakeDown Soft Bait Rodenticide

This is one of the best chipmunk poison bait. These are not like traditional hard poisoned baits though they are soft baits.

Because the bait is soft, it can easily be attached to bait station rods. In hot and cold environments, Takedown maintains its taste and integrity.

Because Takedown Soft Bait does not contain wax, it is a lot more attractive and palatable to chipmunks, mice, and rats than competing products.

This product contains bromethalin as the active ingredient, which is not naturally derived. In the case of severe infestations, it works well. 

It is a non-anticoagulant formula, which differs from other chemical formulas.

There is no risk of gross internal bleeding due to the fact that it works instead as a neurotoxin.

Your problem should disappear within 2-3 days since bodies appear within 2-3 days. 

In the same way, as with all poisons, it is extra important to keep this product out of the reach of children and household animals.


  • These rodent baits do not contain anticoagulants.
  • Show visible results very quickly. 
  • The bait is softer than hard baits so it is more attractive to rodents


  • Slightly on the expensive side. 


If you are looking for soft poison baits for killing the chipmunks then you can invest your money in this one.

But if you are low on a budget then this product is not going to work for you as it is expensive. 

Tips on How to Choose and Use Different Toxic Chipmunk Baits:

best chipmunk poison bait

When choosing from the multitude of poisonous chipmunk bait options available today, one can quickly become confused.

Learn more about what types of bait you can use to catch chipmunks and how to determine which one suits your needs.

Why Use a Chipmunk Poisonous Bait in the First Place?

If you have used every civilized possible method to kick away these chipmunks from your personal property without destroying them.

If nothing has worked for you then it’s time to use some radical ways in order to effectively kill them.

Despite being efficient, lethal chipmunk traps take a long time to do the job when chipmunk populations are high.

So as we read above, that traps are not good options all the time so you need to use something deadly and toxic like synthetic rodenticide baits.

These baits are very effective in killing the rodents like chipmunks, squirrels, mice, and rats.

The rodents get attracted to these baits due to their tasteful smell. Once the rodent is attracted it will consume the bait and instantly it will die.

How to Choose the Best Chipmunk Poisons/Baits?

Written below are a few very popular types of chipmunk poison baits.

So let’s have a look at them and you can choose the one that suits you perfectly,

Poison Palettes:

The poison pallets are also known as poison nuggets. They are very small and all you need to do is scatter them in your yard or in those places where you have observed chipmunks. Using the poison pallets or nuggets is very easy.

Poison Peanuts:

When there is a visible burrow in your garden, you can use poisoned peanuts in a cone-tip canister.

All you need to do is stick these poisoned peanuts in the tunnels or under the grounds. The rodents will find these cones on their own and they will consume them and soon they will die.

Poison Bait:

Poison bait or chunk are blocks of poison that are perfect for outdoor usage as they are mostly weather-resistant so you can easily use these in your yards and other outdoor areas.

If you are using these poison baits indoors then you need to be very careful as they are harmful to your pets and kids.

Rodenticide Bars:

Rodenticide bars are similar to poison chunks. They even work perfectly in damp places.

But they are very strong so you have to keep these bars away from the reach of children and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Rat Poison Kill Chipmunks?

Rats and mice were originally intended to be eliminated by them only.

Rodenticides nowadays, however, are formulated with toxic ingredients that can directly kill pests or indirectly poison them.

What Do Chipmunks Like to Eat?

Chipmunks are omnivores and they love eating natural things like acorns, plants, nuts, dried fruits, and bird seeds.

They also eat stuff from your trash bins and your pet’s food.

How to Exterminate Chipmunks?

You can easily exterminate the chipmunks by using chipmunks traps, poison baits, chunks, palettes, or rodenticide bars.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

So I hope that finally, you get to know about the best chipmunk poison bait after this article.

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