The 7 Best Bed Bug Traps: Which Ones Really Work – 2022

What would you do if you woke up with red, itching welts all over your body, although you were completely healthy the night before? You discover bedbugs when you examine your mattress more closely. Yuck!

So, now instead of purchasing a new mattress, you’re in a shop looking for the Best Bed Bug Traps.

However, buying the best trap might be a little tricky due to so many options, that’s where we will help you out.

Get to know some of the finest bed bug traps out there, so you can make an informed decision!

Best Bed Bug Traps – Overview:

TruGuard X Bed Bug Interceptors

TruGuard X Bed Bug Interceptors

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polypropylene
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Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Trap

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Trap

  • Brand: Ortho
  • Product Dimensions: 0.88 x 6.69 x 5.38 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
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SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Monitor And Lure

SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Monitor And Lure

  • Brand: SenSci Activ Volcano
  • Color: Black
  • Target Species: Bed Bug
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We were pleasantly surprised when others who tried them said they were much better than we had hoped for. In terms of quality, this item is excellent.

As a result, you may choose the product that is most suited to your requirements and preferences.

Best Bed Bug Traps Reviews:

1. TruGuard X Bed Bug Interceptors – Editor’s Choice

TruGuard X Bed Bug Interceptors

Design: 89%| Value: 90%| Easy To Install: 87%| Durable: 87%| Overall Rating: 88%

This bed insect trap’s most appealing feature is that it provides round-the-clock protection.

As long as you don’t put up any obstacles, you won’t have to worry about changing them. They’re designed to stay.

Another advantage of this trap is that it doesn’t need any chemicals. You don’t have to worry about your children or pets getting trapped in any chemicals or sticky things.

However, there is absolutely no enticement here.

One of the trap’s biggest drawbacks is that it lacks a bit. Therefore, bed bugs that are already on your mattress or other furniture will not be captured.

It doesn’t get rid of bed bugs; it only keeps them from getting on your mattress.

Installing these bed insect traps is more complicated than other types of bed bug traps, but it’s not impossible.

As a result of this trap, moving big pieces of furniture will need some lifting to place the traps under each leg.


  • Long-lasting – premium-made materials.
  • The 4×4 Interior measurements allow most bed and furniture legs.
  • Child and pet are safe.
  • No chemicals or pesticides.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly.
  • 24/7 protection.


  • Need to monitor and eradicate trapped bed bugs.
  • Positing is vital to prevent establishing a passage for bed bugs.
  • Installing it may entail some shifting of heavy furniture.

The Bottom Line:

It’s a great product, even though it’s not the best color. In order together you’ve caught anything, you’ll need to utilize a flashlight if you’re dealing with insect problems.

In my opinion, black is most suited for those who wish to complement their furnishings.

2. Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Trap – Best Premium

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Trap

Design: 85%| Value: 89%| Easy To Install: 87%| Durable: 86%| Overall Rating: 86%

Using the Ortho trap is a simple and effective method of preventing the spread of bedbugs. Bedbugs will flock to the trap when the lure is activated.

When the bed bugs approach the trap, they will get stuck on the glue board.

It’s important to note that this trap is most useful for early detection or with smaller infestations. With larger infestations, the lure becomes ineffective.

This is because the other bed bugs’ pheromones will drown out the lure emitted by the trap.

This bed bug trap’s use of a lure is appealing to me. There are some of many bug traps that rely on bed bugs walking over the traps on purpose or by luck.

This lure has been scientifically proven to attract bed bugs, and it does so exceptionally well.

The greatest use of this trap is for detecting bedbugs, not eliminating them. It is likeYou will likely see additional chemicals and treatments to get rid of bedbugs after using this trap. With large Infestations, it’s not effective.

Other bed bugs’ pheromones will overpower the lure and render it ineffective.


  • Free of pesticides.
  • Attractant that has been scientifically verified to work.
  • Bedbugs may be lured, detected, and trapped in only a few hours.
  • Easily transportable due to its compact size.


  • Monitoring is necessary on a regular basis.

The Bottom Line:

The ease with which they may be located is another major advantage.

Purchases may be made online or at a variety of brick-and-mortar retailers. Most stores enable you to buy online if they don’t have it in stock, which is convenient.

3. SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Monitor And Lure – Best Budget

SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Monitor And Lure

Design: 85%| Value: 90%| Easy To Install: 83%| Durable: 86%| Overall Rating: 86%

In addition to the Volcano Bed Bug Monitor, SenSci also includes the Volcano Bed Bug Lure in this 2 pack.

The Volcano is prefabricated. To keep bedbugs from escaping, all you have to do is snap on the transparent base.

Installation is a breeze, and it may be reused again and again. This gadget is simple to set up and ready to use right out of the box.

Reusable implies that you don’t have to throw away your trap after each usage.

To keep creating active Volcanoes, you may buy lures one at a time. The bait is potd bugs are attracted to it, and that is a fact.

It’s designed to look and feel like the skin’s natural oils and lipids.

As a result, the trap’s effectiveness is unaffected even when faced with enormous infestations.

However, the lure contains a chemical that is harmful to the skin. Keep the trap out of the reach of youngsters and dogs for their safety.


  • Additionally, the Activ Lure may be utilized in conjunction with interceptors.
  • To begin identifying bed bugs, you may use the SenSci Volcano, but the SenSci Activ Lure is available separately.
  • It has a glass window on the bottom for simple examination and installation of lures.


  • Chemicals are included in the SenSci Activ Lure.
  • The volcano trap is a big, clunky device.

The Bottom Line:

This bed insect trap is effective, but it’s expensive compared to other options.

It’s the most expensive option on the list, so be prepared to shell out some cash.

4. Harris Bed Bug Traps – Best Kind Of Glue Trap

Harris Bed Bug Traps

Design: 80%| Value: 81%| Easy To Install: 83%| Durable: 86%| Overall Rating: 82%

Placing bedbug traps in high-traffic areas is the best way to maximize your investment. These creepy crawlies can be found in many places.

There will always be some bedbugs that evade these traps. Keeping them running for the duration of and after treatment is advantageous for some several one of which is to determine the extent of the infestation.

The absence of pesticides is a major advantage of these products. Because of the traps, your puppy or baby will not be harmed as long as they don’t get their paws on the traps.

Pesticide-free traps, on the other hand, tend to last a little bit longer. Sticky glue can be used to set up this trap.

There is no scent or food to attract bed bugs to this trap, which is a major drawback. Unless the bedbugs themselves decide to enter the trap, there is no way that the trap will work.

In order to trap, a bed bug must climb or descend the bedpost on the other side of the bed.


  • Non-pesticide-grown foodstuffs.
  • Affordable.
  • Convenient to use and set up.
  • Hide in plain sight under the bed or among the furnishings.
  • Other bugs are also caught by this.


  • As soon as a dust or debris storm hits, it’s no longer any good.
  • Bed bugs will not go away.
  • It is always better to catch cancer at an early stage.

The Bottom Line:

Small size and unobtrusiveness are also advantages of these traps.

Any insects caught in the traps will appear to be part of the local environment, rather than an invasion from the outside world.

Another advantage is that they are reasonably priced and made by a reputable company.

5. ASPECTEK Bed Bug Trap – Best Creative Design


Design: 80%| Value: 81%| Easy To Install: 83%| Durable: 86%| Overall Rating: 82%

Raised mattress borders may, in theory, keep bed bugs from hopping from one side to the other. It is the combination of light and heat that entices bedbugs to the trap.

To find a host, bedbugs are naturally drawn to heat and carbon dioxide. A sticky trap awaits them as they approach the barrier, which they will eventually scale and fall into.

It’s a passive monitoring system that turns glue boards into one. Traditional glue boards may benefit from the increased efficiency of the heat lure.

As a result of the use of light and heat, this gadget has a lot to offer. You can use this tool to catch a variety of bugs to determine what kind of pest issue you are dealing with.

Because this bed bug trap is so enormous and cumbersome compared to other solutions on the market, it’s a pity.

It may be difficult for little objects to fit beneath beds and other big furniture.

The number of traps you may set may be restricted by the size of the area. There’s also the question of size.


  • Toxic-free.
  • Odorless.
  • Useful and user-friendly are the best words to describe it.
  • Superbly avant-garde appearance.
  • You can’t go wrong with this as a nightlight!


  • There is a problem with the sticky pads because their adhesive is so weak.
  • A power source is necessary for any device to run.

The Bottom Line:

This is a long-term investment. If you’re utilizing this item, people are likely to notice you.

A good deterrent, they keep the bugs from climbing on top of your mattress! They’re large enough to hold both the bed’s legs and the headboard’s legs in one trap at the same time.

6. BB ALERT Passive Detector – Best Reusable Trap

BB ALERT Passive Detector

Design: 80%| Value: 81%| Easy To Install: 83%| Durable: 86%| Overall Rating: 82%

It is the combination of light and heat that entices bedbugs to the trap. To find a host, bedbugs are naturally drawn to heat and carbon dioxide.

These traps should be placed near or under places where bedbugs are known to congregate.

This gadget should be put near to where bed bugs hide to keep them out. It’s recommended that the BB alert is positioned near where the hots sleep in order ttoe greatest results.

Unlike other traps, this one may be used in a variety of situations. It is simple to access a bedbug’s natural hiding place using a mattress covering that has an adhesive backing.

For both experts and the general public, this gadget is a terrific choice. To begin with, it’s quite easy to use.

Because of its small size and sticky back, it may be used in places where people would not see it.

Unfortunately, it’s just a blank screen. Because it doesn’t capture bedbugs, it is also useless. Passive until the victim reaches the glue trap and is no longer able to run.

They may utilize this tactic to escape the traps and move around at their discretion.


  • Because of the adhesive tape on the bottom, the device may be mounted in a number of ways.
  • Reusable.
  • Examining is a simple process.
  • Discrete.
  • Chemical-free.


  • Expensive.
  • False advertising will not be tolerated.
  • Instead of capturing the bedbugs, it attracts them.
  • Natural and pesticide-free.

The Bottom Line:

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a costly trap to fall into.

It’s designed to endure, despite its hefty price tag, thanks to its strong build.

7. Hot Shot HG-96318 – Best Versatility

Hot Shot HG-96318

Design: 80%| Value: 81%| Easy To Install: 83%| Durable: 86%| Overall Rating: 82%

In the same way as other glue traps on this list, the hotshot glue traps function. The sticky component of the trap will catch any bedbugs that come into contact with it.

Unfortunately, the Hot Shot glue trap is like other glue traps in that it does not use bait. This implies that catching bed bugs is entirely dependent on good fortune and careful planning.

The adaptability of this glue trap is one of my favorite features. There are three various ways to include it, depending on your preferences.

The trap built for furniture and bed frame legs is another excellent choice.

Additionally, this trap is very cost-effective and simple to locate. These traps may be purchased online and at most hardware and department shops.

Some people may find it difficult to understand the four various trap-building choices that come with the game.

When it comes to building exactly what you’re looking for, the directions provided aren’t particularly useful.

Unfortunately, even with just minimal movement on the bed, the tab keeping the trap in place often snaps off. If the traps fall apart, this is a typical problem.


  • No harmful chemicals are used.
  • Easy to Change Positions.
  • Intuitive to use.
  • Other insects may be detected.


  • Needs to be assembled with care.
  • There is a lot of glue visible.
  • No pets or children are allowed.

The Bottom Line:

The ability to hang it over the side of your mattress is one of the handiest design features.

How Do You Choose The Best Bed Bug Traps? – Buyer’s Guide:

best bed bug interceptor

It is important to take into account the product’s track record for effectiveness and speed of action when deciding which bed bug trap to use in your home.

Continue reading to find out more about these crucial aspects.

1. Longevity:

As soon as the bugs fall in, they are unable to get out because of their slippery surface.

If a bedpost or piece of furniture serves as a trap, the user simply removes the trap and returns it to its original location.

Using these passive bed bug traps is possible indefinitely as long as they are structurally sound since they don’t use bait that eventually degrades.

The effectiveness of baited bed bug traps can last for up to two weeks before they become ineffective.

2. Handling and Transportation Safety:

Bed bug traps are used in bedrooms, so safety is an important consideration. No pesticides or chemicals harmful to humans or pets are used in the majority of bed bug traps.

Rather than killing the insects, these eco-friendly traps aim to capture them alive.

3. Size:

Keep in mind that the trap you choose should be small enough to fit in a tight spot, like behind a bedpost.

The product must be able to fit into or pass through the narrow, dark locations where these pests live.

4. Sturdy:

A more durable bed bug trap will be able to resist the weight of a mattress and so catch more bed bugs in the process. Your whole investment in the product would be wasted if it isn’t powerful enough.

5. Amount Of Insecticide and Pesticide:

If a bed bug trap is going to be effective, it should not include any pesticides or other poisonous materials that might harm your family’s health or the health of your dogs or children.

Organic traps, or those that don’t utilize any chemicals, are the best option.

The Different Types of Bed Bug Traps:

best bed bug interceptor
1. Traps from The Black Climb Up Interceptor:

Bedbugs can’t get out of these high-walled “bowls” that bedbugs fall into and cannot get out of.

It is possible to set the bed bug traps under a mattress, on a couch leg, or along the wall.

The presence of a bed bug in the outer ring of a bed bug trap indicates that it entered the room from the bed’s direction. If you find one in the inner circle, you know it came from the ground.

2. Pest Interceptors in White:

A bed bug pitfall trap such as the white interceptor trap is what most people use.

Many people like to set this kind of bed bug trap on their bedpost or couch.

Furthermore, as we have previously said, you may set it wherever. If a bedbug gets stuck between four of them, it may not be able to get out.

Regular cleaning of the bedbug traps is required. The bed bug must find a method to re-enter the home through a speck of dust, dirt, or even pet hair.

3. Bed Bug Fiber Traps:

Bed bug fiber traps are a more recent invention on the market. An easy approach to checking for bedbugs is to use them. It was invented by an individual who had to cope with a bedbug infestation.

To assist more people to battle bed bugs, the company’s founders set out to build a bed insect trap.

Infested apartments are often targeted by pest control professionals and scientists in the bed bug business who use this Fiber Trap. Bed bug fiber traps were found to function.

4. Lure in Motion:

sensitive Volcano is the only brand that uses a pitfall trap to lure bed bugs into it. Like any other monitor, the lure is a chemical pheromone that attempts to attract bugs.

The Bed BUg Plug, on the other hand, uses a sticky trap to entice bugs into a chamber. The bed bug has a 50/50 probability of getting into any monitor, active or passive.

Regardless of whether you have a current bed bug infestation, this volcanic trap does not ensure that an insect will enter.

It’s important to remember that the active lures function best in an empty environment.

5. CO2 Bed Bug Trap for Detection:

Using a Co2 trap is a way to keep an eye on bedbugs. An empty apartment or a room with no occupants is an excellent place to use these devices to keep an eye on bed insect activity.

Because they compete with the CO2 trap, don’t put them in a room where people are sleeping. Your goal is to provide the bug with just one option.

6. Benefits of Using a Bed Bug Trap:

Bed bug traps are effective, but they do have certain drawbacks that must be considered.

Any exterminator will tell you that they are wonderful for monitoring an infestation, but they are not suitable as a long-term solution to eliminate the problem.

  • Traps reduce the number of bites you get by a significant margin.
  • Bed bug traps do not use chemicals to eliminate bed bugs.
  • Any trap that is made of plastic has the potential to be used eternally, regardless of its design.
  • They provide outstanding value for money.
  • Bed bug traps are also referred to as monitors in certain circles. This is due to the fact that you may be able to use them to check for bed bugs before you get an infestation.
  • If you brought only one-bed insect home, the trap would capture it. You would halt the infestation before it begins.

Is There A Difference Between a Bed Bug Trap and A Bed Bug Interceptor?

An interceptor cup is a plastic dish with an exterior “moat” meant to trap and detain bed bugs, generally big enough to accommodate a bedpost. Bed bug pitfall traps are another name for these traps.

The sides of an interceptor cup’s moat will be straight or nearly straight.

With interceptor traps, you can stop the spread of bed bugs before they can infest your home or office. To keep bed bugs out of your bedroom, position one towards the foot of your bed.

There is an outside and inner wall of plastic that captures bedbugs but does not kill them.

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To deal with bed bugs, you should now have all the tools you need.

Many various items are available, and examining your condition can aid in your decision-making process about which product is best for your scenario.

We would recommend SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Monitor And Lure due to their features and capabilities.

Finally, if everything else fails, you may always contact the exterminators. Comment down and let us know what you think!

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