Baby Roaches: Expert Tips on How to Identify and Get Rid of Them

Is there any single person in the entire world who like baby roaches? I dont think so because these small baby roaches are very irritating and they feel very disgusting. 

It feels very weird and unpleasing to the eyes to see these little insects roaming around your floors, kitchen tops, and furniture. 

It doesn’t mean that all the very small cockroaches are baby roaches because every specie has a different roach size. 

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail everything related to baby roaches and how you can identify and eliminate them as they are very common insects that are available in almost every home. 

So without any further time wasting let’s get started with the very first topic that is, 

The Cockroach Lifecycle:

Baby cockroaches can be identified through their lifecycle. The age of cockroaches is mostly about six weeks to eighteen weeks.

It completely depends on the species and temperature conditions. The life cycle of cockroach is based on 3 stages that are,


The first and initial stage of the cockroach is the egg stage. In the egg stage, one adult cockroach lays around 50 eggs. 

The number of eggs is not specific at all it completely depends upon the humidity and temperature conditions.

Different isolated spots have different temperature and humidity situations going on.  

Some of the most common isolation spots are;

  • Stores and basements.
  • Joints of the furniture.
  • Ceilings and walls.
  • Inside the electrical appliances.
  • Bathrooms especially under the sink.

If the climate conditions are proper then 2 months are required for the eggs to get hatch. 

It is an average hatching time period because different species have different hatching time periods. 

Temperatures that are conducive to rapid development and hatching have a shorter hatching time.


Once the eggs get hatched finally then come to the nymph stage. 

In the nymph stage, the baby roaches slowly start developing the features that are available in adults. 

An undeveloped external body part is often present in cockroaches at birth. A nymph sheds its skin several times at this stage, and with every molt, it grows larger.

The most vulnerable time for these pests is right after their molting cycle. The reason is that after shedding the old skin, their new skin is extremely sensitive. 

The nymphs also undergo a period of coloration at this stage, depending on what species they are.


After the nymph stage is completed here comes the adult stage. 

In this stage, nothing exciting will happen as the adult cockroaches spend their time mostly resting and breeding. 

The adult cockroaches don’t roam around your house during the daytime or when the lights are open because they only come outside for food only when it’s dark. 

Cockroaches can easily survive without the food after a single good and fulfilling meal.

How Small Are Baby Cockroaches?

Sizes depend on the species of these cockroaches, such as german baby cockroaches size around 0.3 centimeters whereas American cockroaches are slightly big as they are 0.8 centimeters in length.

Do Baby Cockroaches Fly?

No, baby cockroaches dont fly at all because they dont have fully developed wings. 

Once they reach the stage of adulthood, only then they can fly. 

The negative impacts of nymphs cannot be ignored once they have grown into adults. 

Not only do these pests damage properties physically, but they are also known to spread disease. 

Pests spread bacteria, which is a serious health risk.

What Are Strategies for Eliminating Baby Roaches?

Baby Cockroaches Fly

Baby roaches pose a significant problem in many households because most people do not know how to eliminate them. 

To eliminate baby roaches, follow these steps:

  • Try to use gel cockroach baits as they are the most effective way to remove and eliminate the baby roaches. Anyone can use them easily as the application process is very simple. Whether you want to use them on furniture, sink, walls, ceilings, or anywhere you want they are not going to create any problem for you. 
  • Anti-pest cockroach sprays are also very popular and effective ways to remove the baby roaches from your places. If you want immediate results anti-pest cockroach sprays are the go-to option for you. Anti-pest cockroach sprays are a perfect choice for those areas that are hard to reach. 
  • The cockroach traps are also one of the best options. These traps are available in square shapes mostly that have several openings. Poison is commonly used in these traps. If you want fast and effective results then you need to place these traps in breeding zones areas. 
  • Last but not least option is for those people who want to eliminate these roaches but without the use of chemicals. You can use organic homemade cockroach repellent. They are not that effective in eliminating and killing the cockroaches but they do work for other species.

Ways to Secure Your Home from Roaches:

Once you eliminate and kill these irritating insects now you need to take some precautions in order to keep your house secure from roaches. 

Water leakage and unhygienic dirty areas are the reason for these roaches. An individual has to keep their house clean and hygienic.

Dont allow any water leakage problems do check them from time to time. 

Check for dampness in all places where there are leaks and identify the source of the leak. 

There are likely some leaks in your bathroom that you are not aware of when you see baby roaches roaming around your washroom.

Apply epoxy putty to leaks, tighten joints, and replace leaky parts to seal leaks. 

It is also important to seal cracks, which provide breeding areas as well as entry points for these roaches.

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In addition to spreading bacteria, roaches pose a threat to human health. If roaches infest your kitchen, you may even become ill. 

Now that you know how to prevent infestations, you know that regular cleaning is a must.

Hope this article is knowledgeable enough for you. Still, if you face any difficulty comment down below. 

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